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Cornelia B. Windiate
This is one of few fully intact schooners in the Great Lakes.  All 3 masts of this brigantine are standing.  They are not all fully intact but the forward mast amazingly still has a yard still attached.  Although the bowsprit is broken, the main cabin is still in place displaying some very intricate woodwork along it's sides and back cabin wall.  The stern sits high on the lake bottom and the yawl boat rests nicely on her starboard side.  The vessel was built in 1873 by Thomas Windiate at Manitowoc, MI. and sank December 10, 1875.  The wreck lays in 185 feet of water.

A 2 masted schooner that sank October 20, 1854 with a cargo of wheat after reportedly colliding with the John J. Audubon.  The wreck of the Defiance shows no obvious signs of a collision though.

This 3 masted schooner was built in Detroit in 1867.  It sank on August 13, 1868 from a collision with the steamer, Empire State.  This shipwreck is in remarkable condition, standing high and upright on the bottom.  The highlight of this wreck is it's figurehead that some recollect to be of an alligator.   Looks more like a platypus to me.

John J. Audubon
Carrying railroad iron on October 20, 1854 the John J. Audubon is reported to have been hit amidships by the Defiance.  The Audubon, a 370 ton 2 masted brig, was built earlier the same year.  May be the reason she is in such good shape on the bottom.  Only major damage is the obvious split in her bow next to the bow stem.  Loaded with rail road iron she may have hit hard on the bottom, bow first when she went down.

SS Florida
On May 21, 1897 while carrying a cargo of flour and general merchandise, the SS Florida collided with the even larger 281 ft wooden steamer George W. Roby cutting a gash into her starboard side, which is an impressive highlight of the wreck today.  All of her crew were rescued by the Roby.  The wreck sits in 195 ft of water in amazingly intact condition.  The forward cabins are gone and the stern has collapsed.  The wreck has an impressive amount of artifacts still onboard such as the bell, gauge panel and an engraved capstan cover.

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