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                Wren     Montreal, Canada
I just wanted to let you know that I really love your website. From the graphics and content to the music, you have done a remarkable job!!!

                Irene Johnstone  Provost, Ab. Canada
I am one of the committe members working on "Save The Artifacts" from the Empress of Ireland. I was most fortunate to visit the Museum at Rimouski this past July. They do have a fine Museum of Empress artifacts. However, there is also a large collection owned privately that is being sold and we are working to keep these in Canada. Anyone interestd in this project, please contact me.

                Angela Grafton  Gibsons, B.C. Canada  -------  13 Sep 2003
My Great, Great Grandmother, Mrs. Susanna Caroline Grafton was 81 years old. She was living on Bowen Island, B.C. when she decided she wanted to make one last trip back to England to visit family and friends. Unfortunately you know the rest of the story. I wonder if you have any information or pictures available to me. She was sailing with the Salvation Army group. Thanks very much for you time. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

                Angela Grafton  Gibsons, B.C. Canada  -------  13 Sep 2003
Very nice site you guys. The photos are amazing! If anyone has info on Mrs. Susanna Caroline Grafton, please contact me. Trying to find out as much info as I can. Thanks!

                 R Marsh  marsh -------  12 Sep 2003
Many years ago I read the story of the E of I and I was ashamed of my ignorance of Canadian history.To honour the Empress and her victims I spent two years constructing a detailed precisely scaled model which I am told does her justice.It is my small way of making sure that the legacy of the Empress of Ireland stays here in Canada where it belongs.

               JOHN GOODMAN  LINZ AUSTRIA  -------  10 Sep 2003

                B MacDonald  Canada  -------  05 Sep 2003
Loved your site, I was overwhelmed when I saw a picture of Matthew Tales who was aboard the "Empress of Ireland" He was my great great grandfather as I am a great grandaughter of James Tales who was one of the children who was left in Canada when his father returned to England. It is a wonderful site.

                Ingrid Sabatini   Ste. Anne Mb, Canada   ------- 31 Aug 2003
My grandmother Kathleen, who passed away at the age of 107 last year, came to Canada from England in 1913. They had attempted to book on the Titanic, but it was unfortunately full. She traveled to Canada on the Empress of Ireland. Her story of travel is recorded on tape. She talked of a birth on the ship. The baby was named Alberta, because the family was homesteading in Alberta. Her story is incredible. Her family name is Riddle. Her mother, brother and older sister traveled at the same time. Are there lists that I can view of the passengers list from that year?   Thank you Ingrid Sabatini

                  Rachel Axford    Minnesota   ------- 29 Aug 2003
My Grandmother was a passenger on the Empress of Ireland in the spring of 1914. We have often heard stories of her trip on the ship. She is now 95 and will be thrilled to hear there is information about her ship on the web.

            Connie Nisinger   Godfrey, Illinois U.S.A.   ------- 04 Aug 2003
I just returned from a trip to Quebec City and Rimouski last week to see the Empress-related sights. What a memorable and emotional experience for me! My grandfather, George Zuk, was a survivor, but he lost his first wife and their two children in the accident. Along with Marion Kelch, Irene Johnston, her daughter Gail and son-in-law Greg, I was fortunate to be able to go by boat out to the site of the sinking. We had a short ceremony and threw roses in the water in memory of several of the victims. We also visited many of the CPR memorials in Rimouski and Quebec City...I'll never forget this trip nor all of the wonderful people I met as a result!

Denis Salter  
--------31 July 2003
My article on Laurence Irving, Mabel Hackney, and the Empress of Ireland has just appeared in the Journal of the Irving Society.
 I thank all of you for your generous help.  The full reference is:

The Performance of Their Lives: Laurence Irving, Mabel Hackney, and the Empress of Ireland."  First Knight 7.1 (June 2003): 13-51.

It has a very full selection of illustrations, though some are not as well reproduced as I had hoped.
If you wish a copy, you have to buy, alas, the full journal at 7 pounds sterling!   Send an email to Michael Kilgarriff, Chairman and Acting Editor, The Irving Society at

            André Gauthier  Rimouski   --------31 July 2003
I've just taken a look at your most interesting site. Good work! I live in Rimouski and I do visit the Empress of Ireland museum at least once a year. It's a good thing to see that peoples still remember this tragedy and it's numerous victims. I always have a special though for the children that died on that terrible night. Some senior peoples (now deceased) used to talk about children that survived, but having lost their parents and being left with nothing at all, in a place where they could not even understrand the language (french spoken here). Should have been a nightmare to them, even though the population of the area did her best to help. Let's hope this never happens again

            Irene Johnstone  Provost, Alberta Canada  --------15 July 2003
A wonderful web site. My grandparents and two young sons peished that fateful night May 29th 1914 the night the Empress of Ireland sank. I, along with my daughter Gail, husband Greg, Marion Keltch (who is head of our project to save the artifacts that the diver Philippe Beaudry has collected ) and Connie Nisinger from Illionis will be visiting Rimouski next week - July 23rd. We hope to possible take a boat to the site of the liner and drop some flowers. We are looking forward to visiting the Museum at Rimouski. We are also looking forward to dinner with Philippe Beaudry evening of the 24th at the Chateau Frontenac. I do have a lot of information about the Empress.           

            Marcella Jackson    Coffeen,Il.  --------30 June 2003
I just found this web-site of the Empress of Ireland.  I am very interested in it because I had two great Aunts on the ship. They were in second cabin page 5. There names are Bessie and Florence Bawden. They were from Hillsboro,Il not Indiana. I have a book about the Empress of Ireland and  it names all the passengers. I will be looking at more of this site. thank you.   Marcella

            Jess Ansley  UK   --------21 June 2003
I mentioned a family member being lost at sea (stanley Bigland). I found out he actually gave his life belt to 2 married men. Awhile after the tragedy they came to England to find him but discovered he'd died on the ship.   

             Jackie (Martin)Kent   Oshawa, Ontario Canada   --------17 June 2003
My grandmother,mother and her brother and Aunt came to Canada on the Empress of Ireland,within a year before she sank. I have a child's deck chair from their voyage on the ship.  They were Frances, Edith, and Alan Haw and Everald Holder.  I would like to know how to view the passenger list to see the exact date they came over.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Jackie.  The only passenger list that is posted on this web site is the list from the final journey of the Empress of Ireland.  We do not have any others.  To get a list like that you might try contacting CPR archivist Ms. Judith Nefsky @ (514) 395-7951 in Montreal.

            John Williams    North Wales UK --------13 June 2003
Just a small note, Please could anyone point me in the right direction to find out more info on Cpt Frank Carey who sailed the Empress on the 29/6/06.  Im not sure if it was his maiden voyage or the ships.thank you.  I would also like to know if there are any collectors out there who may be interested in a Shillelagh(shil-lay-lee) that was presented to him on this day.  If so please leave your e-mail with your replys and i will get back to you once again thank you very much.   JW

           Derek Grout   Montreal, Canada  ---------12 June 2003
A few comments for Roger Williams, grandson of Second Officer Roger Williams. Further to your posting of Feb. 23, 2003 I thought you might be interested to know there's a photo of your grandfather, along with other officers, on p. 43 of my book "Empress of Ireland: The Story of an Edwardian Liner." You might also be interested to know that you can probably reconstruct a good part of his maritime career. As an officer, details of his career would have been recorded in Lloyd's masters records; they will show, for example, the various ships he worked on and voyage dates. Visit the website of Memorial University to find out how you can obtain copies of his record. You can also obtain detailed information on Crew Agreements at the Public Record Office in Kew for the Empress and other vessels. Contact me and I will send you the name of a man whom I engaged to research some aspects of the book. As to his burial site, the record shows (as you know) simply "LOST". In this case, it means his body, if recovered at all, was not identified. Thus, two possibilities. His body may not have been recovered and is still entombed in the hull or, second, it was recovered during the diving operations conducted during the summer of 1914 but was not identified. There is a mass grave at Rimouski where the remains of 20 identified and 68 unidentified bodies are buried. He is not one of the 20. Other crew members were buried in two Quebec City cemeteries. If you want to visit some places that your grandfather knew, the Breakwater in Quebec City where the Empress docked is still there, and so is the former Seamen's Institute. See my book for details. Hope this helps you. --Derek Grout

             Jess Ansley   Yorkshire, UK ---------09 June 2003
Great site. Came across it after being told by my nan that her Mum's Cousin was killed on that dreadful night. I looked at your passenger list and there he was STANLEY BIGLAND. All i have to do is find out when he went over to canada in the first place and who with. Wicked website!

            Tony hird  Liverpool UK  ---------07 June 2003
Further to my earlier message, I visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum and traced the AVA. She was a 5076 tonne vessel owned by the British and Burma Steam Nav. Co. It appears she sailed from Liverpool for Dakar and Rangoon on 26th January 1917 (my father's 15th birthday) and was torpedoed of the coast of SW Ireland some days later. The crew of 92 were all lost. At least I have an approx date of my grandmother's death.           

             Tony Hird  Liverpool UK  ---------03 June 2003
I have been tracing my family tree back to 1750. I have discovered that William Hird survived the tragedy. He was an assistant engineer's steward. He was my father's elder brother. I have a newspaper cutting dated 4th January 1979 from a Sydney newspaper, the 'SUN' in which he recounts his escape from the 'Glory Hole'. He tells that he celebrated his 16th birthday only six days before the vessel sailed. On his return to Liverpool his mother begged to leave the sea. His father had died in 1912. Many of his family worked for the White Star Line. It was ironic that she worked as a stewardess for the White Star Line. She was lost at sea on board the AVA which was last sighted off the French coast in 1916. Her name appears on our local war memorial and in York Minster. Bill emigrated to Australia in 1921 - hence the Australian newspaper references.

        June Hayes  Langdon Alberta Canada  ---------16 May 2003
My grandfather's sister Annie Juniper and her little boy Arthur were living in Toronto, Ontario . My mother "baby sat" little Arthur. Annie did not like living in Canada and was returning to England on the Empress. They were third class passengers and both were lost           

        Heidi papen  Belgium  ----------13 May 2003
I was so happy to find the passenger list of the Empress on this site. My grandfather's brother Camille Vernier(s) emigrated to Canada and decided to come back to Belgium with his wife and six children aboard the Empress. My grandfather and his whole family (parents and 11 brothers and sisters) waited for a long time...but their brother and his children, they had never seen, never came back... It felt good to see their names on the passenger list... Thanks, sincerely, Heidi Papen

            Barbara Zuk  East Alton, IL USA   ----------04 May 2003
My late father-in-law, his first wife Maria or Marie, and his two children were passengers on the Empress of Ireland when it sank May 29, 1914. George was saved, his wife and two children were lost. The two children are buried somewhere at Quebec City but we have been unable to find their graves.   George Zuk was spelled Zouk on the ship's passenger list.

          Geoff Whitfield  United Kingdom  ----------24 Apr 2003
Hello Jenna,      I was interested to see your posting relating to Christopher Halliday. You probably have all of these details but hopefully can correct me if I have too many things wrong! Christopher Halliday was born in Moffat, Dumfries, Scotland around 1863, the son of David and Elizabeth Halliday. As a young man he found employment in Dumfries as a grocer, working on the main Dumfries High Street. He married Helen Aitken on 20th november 1888 in johnstone, Scotland, from the marriage two children, Helen and David were born. He became a farmer in Dumfries before the family emigrated to Pierson, Manitoba in 1898 where he again took up farming, later establishing a store named Lockerbie & Halliday. Some time before 1914 he was widowed and retired from his business, although continued to act as Postmaster for Pierson. 1914 saw him returning to Scotland to visit with family and with a view to their returning with him. His body was recovered and is buried in Winslow, Saskatchewan. Kind regards Geoff

            Jenna  ----------16 Apr 2003
Their is actually a monument of the empress of Ireland, on one of the southwestern manitoba parks. My Great Great Grand father, Chris Halliday was going back to Ireland, to bring his family over to Canada when the empress went down.

            Alan Salmon   Penzance, Cornwall, UK  ----------06 Apr 2003
I have been trying to trace a crew list for the Empress of Ireland. I happened to come across your website during my research and thought it was excellent. Alan Salmon

            Bernard   Queensland, Australia  ----------05 Apr 2003
You have a wounderful sight about the Empress of Ireland. I was wanting to ask you about the bodies recovered from the wreck sight. I noticed that on the Empress of Ireland memorial or grave marker in Rimouski, PQ that there are names of passengers and crew who don't have 'Body Identified' by their names in your passenger and crew list. Were these other bodies recovered much later? Or is it just an oversight on the passenger crew list. Do you have a complete list of all bodies recovered in number order and their disposition? Thanks

            Private krankenversicherung  DE  ----------01 Apr 2003
Hello! Great site! Greetings from Germany

            Marchant  ----------26 Mar 2003
My great grandfather came to Canada on the Empress of Ireland. I'm presently working on my family geneology and if anyone has the dates or locations of were she ported in 1901 to 1908 mostly 1908 it would be appritated if you could send them to me.

            Geoff Whitfield   ----------23 Mar 2003
Micheal, The last survivor to die was Grace (Hanagan) Martyn on 15th May 1995 - the first to die is a more difficult question. Several people died shortly after rescue, but one of the first to die, who actually sailed home, was first class passenger Charles Lindsay Claude Bowes-Lyon who was killed during active service on 23rd October 1914.
Reply from SeaView:      Thanks for that reply Geoff.  I had the great pleasure of having dinner with Grace Martyn one evening.  A friend of mine Steve Brooks knew her from years ago when he was involved in diving the wreck site.  He had met her then.  So Steve and I went to St. Catharines to meet with her at the old age home she was at and then went out to Swiss Chalet that night.  She always liked talking to the divers who had been to the wreck site and particularly like my buddy Steve.  We had a great evening.  I was sorry to hear that she had passed away within the next year.

            Adam   Australia  ----------21 Mar 2003
I would like to say that the begining of the'M's' in Second-class passenger list is partley missing. Could you fix this? Thanks
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Adam.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I have corrected it.

            Micheal Phillips   Glasgow  ----------21 Mar 2003
I was wondering who was the first Empress of Ireland survivor to die? Who was the last passenger and crew member to die?

            Joyce Vear  Australia  ----------21 Mar 2003
About the three maids onboard the Empress of Ireland, I have found the name of one of them. It is Hilda Haggerson. She was the maid of Mable Irving. She was from London, England and had been travelling with the Irvings through the USA and Canada. She had originaly booked, with her employers, onboard the Teoutnic (a White Star Line ship) but cancelled and booked on the Empress of Irealand. One other thing she was travelling with, Harold and Elsie Neville of Second-class. Unfortuantly the entire party were all lost in the sinking. It is beleived that Lauence Sidney Irving's body was recovered from the wreck sigh and identified by a signet ring he was wearing. The other two maids, names unknown belong to - Mrs. Maude Cullens (lost) and Mrs. H. R. O'Hara (saved). I hope this helps Ethen from Sydney.

            Irene  Johnstone   ----------20 Mar 2003
My grandparents and their two young sons perished on this fateful journey of the Empress of Ireland, May 29, 1914. They were on their way back to Sweden when tragedy struck.  Marcus Sylvester Blomquist, wife Elisabet (Lisa) Katarina Eriksson(Dotter), sons Olav Sigfrid Blomquist (age 11) and Erick Walfred Blomquist (aged 9) leaving 5 sons and two daughters to continue with their life out west in the province of Alberta. My father Karl (Carl) - the last one of this family died Feb, 3rd 1983.  The name had been changed to Nelson.  I am the only surviving child of Carl Nelson's family.   I am, also, a member of the committe to save the artifacts of this liner from being sold to a buyer in Florida. 

Thank you to http://seaviewinmaging/ for the wonderful information. 

            Alyssa    Kansas USA  ----------20 Mar 2003
This is such a cool site i did research on here and found EVERYTHING that i needed
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Alyssa.  Glad you enjoyed the web site on the Empress of Ireland and that it was of some assistance to your project at school.

            Connie Zuk Nisinger   U.S.A.   ----------16 Mar 2003
I just received the Empress of Ireland video--it is EXCELLENT!!!  I'm still searching for the burial site of my father's half-siblings Wladisaw & Josefa Zuk.  They did not survive the shipwreck & were identified by my grandfather George Zuk (who was one of the survivors), but haven't had any luck yet. May my ancestors rest in peace AND may the artifacts remain in Canada where they belong.

            Karl  Geramny    ----------14 Mar 2003
Hiya, good one!  Really nice site, wirh a very clear and simple design!
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Karl.  Glad you enjoyed browsing the site.  Thanks very much.

            Jane Willis  Minnesota, USA  ----------09 Mar 2003
I happened upon Country Canada on CBC television today (March 9th,2003) and the story of the Empress of Ireland.  And I was amazed that I had not ever heard of the tragedy of that summer of 1914.  How sad, how so very sad that this story has not been widely known - at least here in the U.S.  Everyone has seen and heard countless stories and documentaries on the Titanic, but how many of us know what happened to the Empress of Ireland??  Not too many is my guess.  And how sad, that the powers that be in the Canadian government have not much to keep the artifacts and history of their final voyage in Canada.

It would be an outright shame if this very important piece of Canadian history shipped out to another country.  It is my hope that the deadline is met with the funds to keep the artifacts in Canada.  I have one question.....why hasn't someone (if not the Canadian government won't help out), with the financial resources come forward with the dollars?  We can only hope as the March 20th deadline looms, the monies will be found. 
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Jane.  I think in most cases if one person or organization did want to come forward with enough money for the artifacts, that they would want to keep the artifacts for themselves not in a museum.  I believe it will have to be a governmental purchase for the artifacts to stay in a national museum.  The Canadian government is not willing to pay all the monies for that.  It will take numerous small donations from people to come up with $750,000.00.  Personally I don't believe that Phillippe Beaudry has a solid sale agreement with someone in Florida although he says he does.   Now that he has a permit to export them out of the country, if he had a solid agreement, then why doesn't he send them to the person in Florida that wanted them.  Saying he'll help Canada out by keeping them here till the money is raised seems like a breech of contract with the person in Florida.  Seems very strange.  I have to wonder if there ever was a real buyer in Florida.  Could this be a set up?   I know several people that believe it is.

                     Paul Martin   ---------07 Mar 2003
Hi I have just seen  a segment on Country Canada about the Empress of Ireland and how you are trying to keep the artifacts in Canada.  Have you tried contacting the Canadian Pacific Railway for a donation after all it was a CPR ship, who knows they may come across with some money. It's would be in their interest as a GOOD Corporate Citizen and the PR wouldn't do them any harm.  Let me know how you make out.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Paul.  As far as I understand it, CPR has pretty much washed their hands of the Empress.  They don't seem to be interested in it at all.   I do know that any artifacts that are recovered from the Empress have to be reported to the "Receiver of Wrecks - Canadian Coast Guard".  They are then kept for a year and a day and if the owner (CPR) doesn't want them, then the artifacts are given back to the salver with a receipt saying they belong to them (this is before it became an historical site).  CPR didn't want anything to do with the artifacts.  The committee has already approached CPR about helping fund keeping the artifacts in Canada and they have not responded yet.

            David Davies   Adelaide, Australia  ----------07 Mar 2003
Can you tell me if the following passengers were survivors of the Empress of Ireland - Dorothy Balcombe, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Wood and the Greenaway party (Thomas, Margaret and Herbert). Any information will be greatful.
Reply from SeaView:      To see the Passenger List go to "Final Journey Passenger & Crew List" .  These are new pages on this web site.

            Elizabeth White   London, England   ----------07 Mar 2003
Can you tell me if J. R. Abercrombie was from Vavcouver, BC or from India?  Did he survive the sinking?
Reply from SeaView:      To see the Passenger List go to "Final Journey Passenger & Crew List" .  These are new pages on this web site.

            ethan   sydney   ----------07 Mar 2003
I understand there were three maids (personal servants) travelling in First-class.  Who were they?  Did they survive?  Which First-class passengers where they were employed to? Thank-you.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Ethan.  Sorry I don't have that information. 

            Adam    Australia   ----------28 Feb 2003
I was wondering if the following survived or died in the sinking - William Akerman; Ethel Bachi; Gordon Davidson; Mrs. Carl Flifet (Josephine); the Taavettila Family (Allan; Hilma and Annti)and the Delmont Family (Mr. and Mrs.; Arthur W.; Lizzie and Leonard. Thank-you for any information about these passengers. Adam.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Ralph.  To see the Passenger List go to "Final Journey Passenger & Crew List" .  These are new pages on this web site.

        Marie-Eve Martin      Laval, near Montreal, Canada   -----------26 Feb 2003
I Just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful website you have done on the Empress of Ireland.  I had a work to do on it, and because of you, I understood the tragedy a lot better ! Good work !

Reply from SeaView:      Hello Marie.  Glad you enjoyed browsing the site and it helped you.  Thanks very much.

            Ralph Shandley   Sidney,B.C.,Canada    -----------27 Feb 2003
Hi, Enjoyed perusing your web pages.  I've read a couple of books on this tragedy, one listed all passengers.  I am trying to find a Crew List. My great Uncles brother was a crew member on Irelands last trip. Can a record of Enoch Ffoulkes (Foulkes )be found in the Crew List?
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Ralph.  To see the Passenger List go to "Final Journey Passenger & Crew List" .  These are new pages on this web site.

        Howard Hutcinson   www.pbs online/ lost liners   Idaho USA   -----------24 Feb 2003
Hey Love your site it's sad I Would Like you to e-mail me if you get this message Im A fan of the Empress Of Ireland

            Roger Williams   -----------23 Feb 2003
Hi,  My name is Roger Williams. My grandfather was, I think, a second officer on the Empress of Ireland. Skipping the tragedy that his death caused to my family, along with all the others; I would like to know if he has a grave or other memorial in or near Fathers Point or Rimouski.  If so I want to visit. Can you help please?    Roger.

Reply from SeaView:      Hello Roger.  There were several Williams on the crew of the Empress (9).  Only one is listed as a 2nd Officer:


Name Position Remarks
WILLIAMS, R. 2nd Officer Lost

He may have been buried at the mass grave at Rimouski, Quebec.  You could contact the Rimouski museum to get a listing of the individuals buried there.  Their web site is: contact information is:
Le Musée de la mer de  Pointe-au-Père
1034, rue du Phare Pointe-au-Père (Québec) G5M 1L8
Téléphone  : 418-724-6214  Télécopieur: 418-721-0815
Courriel :
If they were not buried there then you could also try contacting David Zeni who has done a lot of research on the subject and written a book "Forgotten Empress".   His email is .  Hope this helps.

            Euro  Costacciaro (Peruse, Umbria, Italy)  -----------23 Feb 2003
Dear Sir, my name is Euro, Yes, You have well understood: exactly like the common European money. I am Italian, and I live and teach in Umbria, nearby Assisi, "the land of Saint Francis". I would like to know if, in the shipwreck of Empress of Ireland, there was some Italian simple passenger. Besides, I only would like to know, if, in the shipwreck of the Empress of Ireland, there were these two "SURVIVORS" Italian third class passengers: Mr. MORELLI PAOLO and Mr. LUPINI NAZZARENO, or NAZARENO? If You can not help me, please suggest to me where could I find and consult the survivors list of Empress of Ireland? With respect and congratulations for Your excellent website and activity! This information could help me in a piece of research about this forgotten, but fascinating, sea tragedy. Excuse me because of my English: extremely rusty and unbearable impolite. I beg Your pardon! Thank You very much! With respect and congratulations for Your politeness! Costacciaro, Umbria, Peruse, XXII-II-MMIII Dr. Euro Puletti P.S. My name is ?Euro?, and not, please? ??uro?. It comes from ancient Greek. It was the name of the south east wind. My own address is: Euro Puletti, Via Flaminia n. 23, C.A.P. 06021, Costacciaro, Perugia (Italy). E.P.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Euro.  I'm sorry but I've looked and do not see either of those names any where on the passenger list for the final journey of the Empress of Ireland.

           Capt. Bill Hewitt (Dolphin Charters)  windsor, ont. Canada  -----------19 Feb 2003
Great looking site - already have a couple of your videos - excellent job.

            Jeremy Allgrove   UK  -----------10 Feb 2003
Many thanks for your reply. You are right that the surname has been misspelt and should be Allgrove not Allgrane. This helps me to try to trace the people concerned further.

            Seto Kaiba     Idaho/Usa -----------05 Feb 2003
would be so kind as to send me more of the Empress of Irelands story and i love your site

            davidbarber    refridgerationman  vancouvercanada   -----------03 Feb 2003
my great aunt and her two children survived this disaster as well as her unborn child

            Lesley Turner    Norfolk, England  -----------02 Feb 2003
I believe my Great Grandmother, Mrs White was on the Empress of Ireland when she went down,I'm not sure if anyone else was with her, I do know that my great Grandfather,David White, stayed in Canada awaiting her return from England where she was coming to collect her son and his family of five young children, (he lost his wife the previous year). The only other information I have is that she would have probably been in her 50's, they emigrated to Canada with the Salvation Army a few years previous, I think they lived in Erith in the U.K. before they emigrated and that her destination would have been possibly Plumstead (London or Kent). My great Grandfather, I believe, remained in Canada working for the Salvation Army, where he eventually died and was buried. I would really appreciate any information you can give me. With kindest regards

            Adam Daly    Ringwood, Australia    -----------01 Feb 2003
Thank-you for your reply. I was reading the New York Times Newspaper of, May-June, 1914 and noticed it mention that their were three maids in First-class. Did they survive? I know that there employers were as follows - 1. Mrs. Mable Irving (died) and the maids name was, Miss. Hilda Hagerson. 2. Mrs. Maude Cullen (died) and maids name unknown. 3. Mrs. H. R. O'Hara (survived) and the maids name unknown. If you could fill in the gaps I would be happy. How many bodies were recovered? How many member of the Salvation Army were onboard and how many survived? One last question. Is it true that the Titianic and the Lusitania disasters had conections to the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. Thanks for any information.

             Chris Randall   Idaho USA   -----------26 Jan 2003
Your site is cool i have a book on the empress is there any way i can h elp

            CHRIS RANDALL    USA  -----------24 Jan 2003
Sad site it makes me want to cry and I am I love the empress of ireland e-mail me please she was a beutiful vessle iam 13 going on 14 i read a lot about ships this one makes me want to cry.
Reply from SeaView:      Hello Chris.  I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the Empress on our web site. 

            Howard Young   Ontario,Canada    -----------21 Jan 2003
Excellant site

           Connie Zuk Nisinger  Godfrey, Illinois U.S.A.    -----------18 Jan 2003
My grandfather (George Zuk) was a survivor of the Empress of Ireland shipwreck. His wife & 2 children drowned. I'm trying (without any luck) to locate the children't graves (they were identified by my grandfather & buried, but we don't have a clue as to where)...apparently his wife went down with the ship. He later met & married my grandmother--my father is named after his dead half-brother. Unfortunately, my grandfather didn't talk about the shipwreck much & he died while my father was young, so we don't know much. If anyone can give me some hints as to where else I can seach for information, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Here's my bio & photo for him on the FindAGrave website: .  NOTE: (I could not connect to this web page).
Reply from SeaView:      The listing below indicates that your grandfather was saved and transported June 10th to New York.  You can see that Josefa and Wladislaw's bodies were recovered.  I see that the spelling is different.  There is also a Zuk on the listing [(ZUK (or ZSHUK), Kirilo] but no other Zuk's so I don't think this is the one you are looking for.  The children may have been buried at the mass grave at Rimouski, Quebec.  You could contact the Rimouski museum to get a listing of the individuals buried there.  Their web site is: contact information is:
Le Musée de la mer de  Pointe-au-Père
1034, rue du Phare Pointe-au-Père (Québec) G5M 1L8
Téléphone  : 418-724-6214  Télécopieur: 418-721-0815
Courriel :
If they were not buried there then you could also try contacting David Zeni who has done a lot of research on the subject and written a book "Forgotten Empress".   His email is .  Hope this helps.

Cabin:  Third Class

Name Tickets Purchased at Destination Remarks
ZOUK, Georgi Chicago, Ill. Lemberg To New York, June 10
ZOUK, Josefa Chicago, Ill. Lemberg Lost, Body Identified
ZOUK, Maria Chicago, Ill. Lemberg Lost
ZOUK, Wladislaw Chicago, Ill. Lemberg Lost, Body Identified

            Private krankenversicherung     -----------12 Jan 2003
Great site!

            Jamie Hay   Edmonton, Alberta    -----------03 Jan 2003
Excellent site! I have book marked it and will come back periodicvally to check for updates. The under water videos are very unsettling yet help to complete the picture of this unkown disaster. Thank you for your efforts.

            Carol Robinson    Maple Ridge, British Columbia/Canada  -----------03 Jan 2003
I'm wondering if a WILLIAM SKENE was a passenger on the Empress of Ireland. We found a very old bible (which looks waterlogged!) and in there is a newspaper clipping of the tradegy of this ship.
Reply from SeaView:    Sorry I do not see the name Skene anywhere on the passenger/crew list for the final voyage of the Empress of Ireland.

            Jeremy ALLGROVE   UK    -----------30 Dec 2002
My father's first cousin, one James Rawlings ALLGROVE, had a wife, Florence Alice (nee Daws), who was travelling back to England with her two young daughters. I do not know the names of the two daughters, although I think the elder one was called Vera, as I can find no record of their births in the Family Records Office as I suspect that they were born in the USA. I would be very interested to have any further information such as names etc and, if possible, ages. I do know that there was some confusion about the booking as they arrived to find their cabin occupied by four men! I look forward to hearing from you.
Reply from SeaView:    I had difficulty finding the name Allgrove on the passenger list.  The list has them spelled as Allgrane.  I believe this to be correct since the first names are Mrs. F and Vera.  The listing reads:

Cabin:  Third Class

Name Tickets Purchased at Destination Remarks
ALLGRANE, Mrs. F. Windsor , Ontario London, England Lost
ALLGRANE, Vera Windsor , Ontario London, England Lost
ALLGRANE, Evelyn Windsor , Ontario London, England Lost

            Adam Davly    Ringwood, Victoria Australia  -----------28 Dec 2002
I was wondering how many personal servants were onboard the Empress of Ireland. Did they survive? Who were their employees? I have found your sight on the Empress of Ireland very interesting. I have learnt quite a lot about the passenngers and crew who sailed on her last voyage.
Reply from SeaView:    Hello Adam.  There were quite a few servants on board at the time.  Many of the crew were able to get off since they were on duty at the time of the sinking.  Those people who had not retired for the evening had a better chance at getting off during the 14 minutes it took to the vessel to sink.  The employer of course was the Canadian Pacific Railway.

            JohnWooFan   germany   -----------26     Dec 2002
Happy new year!

           Richard Easterbrook     UK  -----------26 Dec 2002
I have a photo of passenger Harold Neville as he may have looked touring in Irving's company, now ready for email, but, Dan, I have lost your home email as I have changed PC.    Richard Easterbrook. 
Reply from SeaView:    Thanks Richard.  I finally received your photo and I have posted a page dedicated to Harold & Elsie Neville.

David Tucker   Scotland   -----------19 Dec 2002
Message: re Empress of Ireland, Thomas Jones.  Thought you might be interested. My aunt who died in London (England) in 2002 was our unofficial family archivist. In her trunk, I found reference to Tom Jones who went down with the Empress. Don't know if he was passenger or crew, but he had married my great-aunt Lily just ten months before. Lily was one of eight Hodgsons, one brother lived 100 years, another just 11 weeks - tragedy was neverr far away in those days.  Any status you can find for Thomas E. Jones? Thanks
Reply from SeaView:      The listing shows T. Jone in Second Class.  There were 13 Jones' on the crew but none with the initial T.

Cabin:  Second Class

Name Tickets Purchased at Remarks
JONES, Mr. T. Toronto, Ont. Lost

          Dianne Georgeson     Strathmore, Alberta  -----------19 Dec 2002
I believe that two of my great uncles by the name of Robert Patterson and Jack Patterson died while sailing on the Empress. The story is that one of the boys was on his way back to England to be married.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes.  The Patterson boys were on the passenger list.  The list reads as:
Name                                                          Ticket Purshased at                          Remarks
PATTERSON, Mr. John                                Calgary, Alta.                                      Lost
PATTERSON, Mr. Robert                             Calgary, Alta.                                      Lost
There is also listed under these names:
PATTERSON, Miss S.                                   Calgary, Alta.                                      Lost

            Sue McGaw      -----------12 Dec 2002
I have letter dated 1914 which mentions the Bloomfield family as being passengers lost on the Empress of Ireland.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes.   The Bloomfield family from New Zealand were on board in First Class.  The list reads as:
Name                                                          Ticket Purshased at                          Remarks
BLOOMFIELD, Lieut.-Col. W.R.              Auckland, N.Z.                    Lost..........body identified
BLOOMFIELD, Mrs. W. R.                        Auckland, N.Z.                    Lost..........body identified
BLOOMFIELD, Miss H. I. R.                     Auckland, N.Z.                    Lost..........body identified

           Lynn    Alberta, Canada    -----------12 Nov 2002
Hello:  I was told that a Saul Pritchard was aboard the Empress of Ireland when she   went down. He was probably part of the crew. Is there any record of him.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes.  There are 3 Pritchards listed as crew.   The listing on the crew reads as:
Name                                     Position                       Remarks
PRITCHARD, E.                 Asst. Cook                     Lost
PRITCHARD, J.                  Asst. Steward                Saved
PRITCHARD, O.                 Asst. Steward                Saved
Are any of these the Saul you are looking for?  I see two of them were saved.

            John Regan      Liverpool England   -----------06 Nov 2002
Enjoy the site keep up the good work.  Looking for info on Michael Regan my granfathers brother who served on the Empress.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes.  Michael Regan was a fireman on the fatal journey of the Empress.  His listing on the crew list reads as:
Name                                     Position                       Remarks
REGAN, M.                          Fireman                          Lost

            Jacqueline Lee     -----------30 Nov 2002
I was wondering if you had any information about a crew member on the Empress of Ireland. His name was Gerrard Thompson and he was a plumber. Thank you for your time.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes.   Gerald Thompson was a plumber on the fatal journey of the Empress.  His listing on the crew list reads as:
Name                                     Position                       Remarks
THOMPSON, G. J.              Plumber             Lost, body identified

           Jim  canada     -----------30 Nov 2002
Reply from SeaView:  You can try Executive Divers dive shop in Port Dover for dive courses as well as Long Point Divers.   There is also Scuba Plus in Simcoe. There is Dean's Sport and Dive in Kitchener and Diver City in Brantford.  Haven't taken a scuba course in many moons or know any of my friends who have so I have know idea of today's cost.  I think I've seen your boat down at the lake before.  Nice.   Hope you find a course and get in on the shipwrecks of Long Point.

           Adam     -----------14 Nov 2002
Really good site, with neat SeaView images!

             Rae     -----------12 Nov 2002
It's REALLY great and well organized site!! I'm just wondering when the Empress sank. I couldn't find the specific dates.  Have a Good Day
Reply from SeaView:    The Empress of Ireland sank on May 29, 1914 in the early morning hours.

            Lindy Clements & J. Cox      Oakland, CA  -----------11 Nov 2002
On the PBS Lost Liners show I saw what appeared to be the passenger list of the Empress scroll by including two names, one after the other: CLEMENTS & COX. Can you please confirm this with any additional info?  Thanks for the great site.
Reply from SeaView:    Those two names are on the passenger list of the fatal journey in the Third Class.  They read as:
Name                                    Ticket Purshased at        Destination         Remarks
CLEMENTS, Robt. H            Port Hope, Ont.              London                 Lost
COX, Mary                              Fort Frances, Ont.          Amsterdam         Lost
There is also a Cox in the Crew List:
Name                                     Position                 Remarks
COX, S. A.                              Writer                    Lost

            Tony Ciccariello        jackson, new jersey, usa  ----------- 2 Nov 2002
Hello.  I just had to link this page, take care. you're the third link on the url.     Tony

            Sara Gray   Australia    ----------- 28 Oct 2002    
My Great Grandfather Alfred Stanford was meant to be travelling on the Empress of Ireland after he had sent his family back to England earlier in the year - he never made it. The question remains, was he on the ship or did he stay in Canada? If anyone has any information that they could pass on it would be greatly appreciated, as i can inform his daughter(age 94) of her father's fate. Thank you.
Reply from SeaView:    Sorry to take so long to get back to you.  Rest assured now, the name Alfred Stanford does not appear any where on the passenger list of the fatal journey of the Empress of Ireland.

            Richard Easterbrook    reaste1430@AOL.COM       UK    ----------- 28 Oct 2002
My grandparents were travelling with Irving the actor in his theatre company when they were drowned on the Empress of Ireland. I have heard from Ian Kinder that they were on the passenger list but that no bodies were found - unfortunately I have lost touch with him, as he asked me to post their pictures on a site. My mother, their only surviving child, is now writing her life story at the age of 88 or 89 (we are not sure!) and is probably the last living person with direct links to the tragedy. She says she is dedicating her memoirs to her parents, about whom little was said in her childhood, dominated as it was by a Victorian reticence about these things. I would be grateful for more information and any indication of where to post the photos of HAROLD NEVILLE and ELSIE NEVILLE. With best wishes Richard Easterbrook their grandson.
Reply from SeaView:    I found the Nevilles listed in Second Class.  It reads as:
Name                                  Ticket Purshased at       Remarks
NEVILLE, Mr. H.                   London, Eng.                    Lost
NEVILLE, Mrs.                     London, Eng.                    Lost
It sounds like your mother's story will be very interesting.  How old was your mother when her parents died on the Empress?

            Douglas Birch       Brighton, ON    ----------- 25 Sep 2002
My grandfathers first wife and two children were third class passengers aboard the Empress of Ireland (all with the last name BIRCH). Their bodies were never found. I have a full set of schematics for the Empress of Ireland and I was wondering if anyone knew of the existence of a passenger list that would give the location of where these people may have been staying aboard the Empress?
Reply from SeaView:    Yes the Birch family is listed in the Third Class passenger listing.  Many people in third class perished on the Empress since the deck levels for third class were down so far.  As you read the ship sank in 14 minutes.  Third class in the prints are two deck levels below the second and first class dining rooms up forward by the forward cargo hatch.
Name                                    Ticket Purshased at        Destination         Remarks
BIRCH, Mrs. R.                     Toronto, Ont.                    London                  Lost
BIRCH, Jack                         Toronto, Ont.                   London                  Lost
BIRCH, Infant                       Toronto, Ont.                   London                  Lost

            Brian Craik       Perth/Ontario/Canada   ----------- 25 Sep 2002
I enjoyed your site. The photo of the Crew on deck includes my grandfather, Alexander Craik who died on the wreck.  I have photos of him in uniform.  He was the second steward and probably the tallest of the crew.  I would love to have any names of the Crew and a better image of that photo.  
Reply from SeaView:    I see your grandfather on the crew's list as:
Name                                Position                      Remarks
CRAIK, A.                     Sec. Steward                     Lost
While I was filming the Empress shipwreck I went into the Steward's Quarters area. It was there that my lights died and left me in the dark. I became lost for about 7 minutes in total darkness. It was not a nice experience.         Hope this helps your investigations.    Dan Lindsay
See Web page:  Alexander Craik

            Leslie Robinson      ----------- 25 Sep 2002
My grandmother (now deceased) told me a story years ago about my great-great-grandmother dying when a ship sank off the coast of Newfoundland. My great-great-grandmother was Mrs. Alfred Robinson of Toronto (originally from England). I don't know her given name. I believe she was travelling with her daughter. Is there anyone answering this description on the passenger list? Many thanks.
Reply from SeaView:    Sorry but that name doesn't show up.  The Empress sank in the St. Lawrence not the east coast.

            hugh evans    amherstburg ontario canada   ----------- 24 Sep 2002
my grandfather was a crewman aboard the empress of ireland and was saved, but died in 1920 from bad health resulting from the sinking before i was born

            hugh evans       amherstburg ontario canada     --------- 24 Sep 2002
on my last entry i forgot to mention my grandfathers name. it was john evans and his daughter is still alive at the age of 92 years and still lives in their original house in bootle liverpool.  My father died back in 1964
Reply from SeaView:  Yes Hugh, your grandfather's name is on the list as:
Name                                Position                      Remarks
EVANS, J.                            A.B                             Saved
So what was the illness he died from?

            Dave Noppe   Pembroke, Ontario    --------- 22 Sep 2002
Great Site !! Fantastic pix !! Keep up the wonderful work !!

          Micheal Milton     Alliston, Ontario, Canada   --------- 19 Sep 2002
This is such an awesome web-site.  I liked the video clips the best.  I would really like to go to Tobermory to learn scuba-diving, so I can look at the wonderful shipwrecks with my very own eyes.   Micheal (age 8)

        Joe Robson   Toronto, Ontario, Canada  --------- 16 Sep 2002
Fantasic web site. I plan to do suba diving off the Empress next summer. I understand that the ship is still in great shape. I am looking forward to my visit and will keep you posted of my dive.

               andysaunders    Spalding,Lincolnshire,UK  --------- 16 Sep 2002
family legend has it that my great grandparents were on board and drowned,while coming back to liverpool and to see my grandad who had fought in the great war.Their names were Patrick and Theresa Saunders although someone else who had a list of names told me that they were not on it.I wonder if they went under a different surname.Theresas' surname was german,she was a "von" something.Hope you can help find them in any way.Great site.
Reply from SeaView:   Sorry Andy I didn't see the surname Saunders or and Von's in the entire passenger list.   There are some Van's but no Theresa or Patrick.

            Bertha Hill  Cinti. Ohio  --------- 02 Sep 2002
I have never heard of this disaster until I rented a video about maritime disasters.

        Mandy   Alberta  --------- 28 Aug 2002
Went for a walk through a cemetary in town today, and found two graves stating the Empress of Ireland as the cause of death. I was amazed when I read your site that I have never heard of this ship! It'd be nice to have a little information on these people, when I saw their graves it really struck me as interesting. Wm. and Mary Garnett and Beatrice Howarth (hard to make out the last name, pretty sure that's what it says) and her two children Emmie and Leonard Thank you for any information you can give me!
Reply from SeaView:    Yes Mandy I have found the names on the Third Class Passenger's List.  Sorry this is all information I have.
Name                                    Ticket Purshased at        Destination         Remarks
GARNET, Wm.                    Calgary, Alta.                   Liverpool             Lost, body identified
GARNET, Mrs. Wm.           Calgary, Alta.                   Liverpool             Lost
HOWARTH, Mrs. R. H.      Calgary, Alta.                   Liverpool             Lost
HOWARTH, Emmie             Calgary, Alta.                   Liverpool             Lost
HOWARTH, Leonard           Calgary, Alta.                   Liverpool             Lost

        Barb Evans  --------- 20 Aug 2002
Message: My great uncle "Henry Birkett" was one of the doomed passengers on the "Empress of Ireland". He was returning to England after studying to become a minister and being ordained in Canada. This is the only information I have.  Can you see if he is on the passenger list and when and where he bought his   ticket as I am trying to trace where he went to bible school.  How were the families notified about the missing and were they compensated.  If so what was done.   I find this facinating and am determined to find out all I can, but need to be steered in the right direction.   Thank you so much for your help.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes Barb I have found his name on the Second Class passenger list.   Unfortunately it doesn't tell much.
Name                                    Ticket Purshased at        Remarks
BIRKETT, Mr. Henry             Carstairs, Alta.                Lost   

        Marguerita Mannix     Mexico   --------- 09 Aug 2002
My great uncle was the purser on the Empress of ireland I always wanted to find out more .    Was so pleased when i saw your web site although sad.  He was the purser and from wigan.  His name was Johnny Durkin.   I have no details is he on the crew list?  Thanks.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes I found his name on the crew list.  He's listed as Cafe Steward though.
Name                          Position                     Remarks
DURKIN, J.          Cafe Steward                   Lost

        Pauline Horton    Ontario, CANADA   --------- 01 Aug 2002
My great uncle JAMES PROWSE, was a survivor of this tragedy. He was a steward on the Empress of Ireland. He told me how when he was in the water and trying to get into a life boat, people in the life boat hit him on the hands and tried to stop him climbing in. Eventually, somebody in the lifeboat took pity on him and said "let him in". He survived, and after spending time in Quebec City decided that Canada was the place for him. He returned to England, packed up his belongings and together with his wife came back to Canada. He worked at the Chateau Frontenac for a long time and then eventually settled in Scarborough, Ontario. Since that time and partly because of him, many members of the family have emigrated from England and settled in Canada. Pauline Horton.
Reply from SeaView:    Yes I found his name on the crew list.
Name                                Position                      Remarks
PROWSE, J. B.          Asst. Steward                  Saved
Interesting to see the two names above his were saved as well.  PRITCHARD, J. and PRITCHARD, O.  Looking down the list, several of the crew were saved.  Quite a bit of the crew would have still been up at that time of the night and on the upper decks.   That's why several of the crew were saved.  Those that had retired below were not so lucky. 

        Jenna    Canada     --------- 16 July 2002
I was wondering if u had anything on a halliday man that died during the tragidy he was one of my great uncles. I think his name was Chris Halliday
Reply from SeaView:   Hello Jenna.  Sorry I could not find the name Halliday on the Passenger and Crew list for the final journey of the Empress of Ireland.  I hope this helps your research.

        Philip Kiko      --------- 12 July 2002
Hey, Dan. In case you were wondering, my grandfather knew about 12 families who were on the Empress of Ireland, because he had actually sailed on the Empress of Ireland about 2 years before the wreck, and while he was in Canada, he met several first, second and third class families, before they went on the final voyage. Sadly, all the families he had met, ironically, had all died. His story has been passed down, and ever since I heard the story, I've been obsessed with it. he knew the Cullens, the Barbours(one daughter survived), the hepburns, the Hunters, the Allgroves, the Felsteads, the Jays, the Kerrs, the Mortons, the Nixons, the Parrishes, the Steals, and the Zouks.if you could give me the information you have on these families (you already sent information about te Cullens and Barbours, so if you could give me the rest a little at a time, that would be great. sorry to ask so much. Thanks a bunch!

        Philip kiko       --------- 8 July 2002
hey! I was wondering if you had in your passenger list information about the Barbour family, the Jay family, the Kerr family, and the Zouk family? from what I know, all four families were lost, but I don't know if their bodies were recovered. Could you help me? Thanks!

        Philip Kiko   Arlington, VA United States   ---------  6 July 2002
This site is great! I was wondering if you had any information on Mrs. Maude Cullen and her family. If you could tell me if they survived, or if they died and if any of their bodies were recovered, and possibly their ages, it would be greatly appreciated. if you could also give me the same information on Sebena Babour and her family as well. thanks!
Reply from SeaView:   Hello Philip.  I've looked up Mrs. Maude Cullen name on the First Class List of the final journey of the Empress.  It reads:
Name                                    Ticket Purshased at        Remarks
CULLEN, Miss Maud               Toronto, Ont.                  Lost             Body Identified
CULLEN, Mrs. F. W.                Toronto, Ont.                  Lost
CULLEN, Master Albert E.     Toronto, Ont.                  Lost              Body Identified

I've also found Sebena Barbour in the Second Class Cabins.
Name                                       Ticket Purshased at        Remarks
BARBOUR, Mrs. S.                  Silverton, B.C.                 Lost           
BARBOUR, Miss Florence     Silverton, B.C.                 Resued             Adopted in Quebec
BARBOUR, Miss Evelyn        Silverton, B.C.                 Lost
BARRIE,  Mr. W. S.                 Silverton, B.C.                 Lost

        Gloria        British Columbia   ---------  5 July 2002
Excellent site, enjoyed the photos and the music. Was checking out family stories about grandparents coming to Canada on maiden voyage in 1906. My father said the ship later sank on a return trip to England.(know for sure it was not Titanic). Believe Empress of Ireland may be the ship. Thanks. Gloria.

        Gene Baycroft       Orillia Ontario Canada    ---------  2 July 2002
An interesting format..... now on favourites listing thanks to Dan Lindsay  

         Nick Chauvin    CAN ONT.    ---------  Monday, 3 June 2002
It's helped me for my project about the wreck.

        David Woodland        herts ENGLAND   ---------  Thurs, 30 May 2002
My uncle Edwin Gray who was a Warcry artist with the Salvation Army band aged 21 was returning to England after 7 years living in Canada to see his mother again,having sent her a letter of his departure,was to perish on the Empress of Ireland.Stories came to my grandmother that he was asleep at the time of collision and water compartment doors were closed to keep the ship afloat trapping Edwin "ted" below.Via the "Warcry" paper we have Copis of some of Teds sketches etc.We would love to hear of any further information or developments of this website.Regards David Woodland

        Kirsten   Miami, Florida, USA  ---------  Tue, 28 May 2002
I first heard about the Empress of Ireland last night on PBS. My interested was peaked by the conversations with David Creighton. His grandparents were David and Bertha Creighton who went down with the ship. My great,great grandfather was a David Creighton. He had a brother, John, who went to Canada. It's a shot in the dark but just wondering if there is any information about the origins and the children of David and Bertha? (He mentioned that 2 of the children were Edith and Cyrus but I did not get the rest.

        Jason woodland    Bristol England
Excellent presentation.  Also if anyone has any info on a master gray who was in the salvation army band who perished on the empress do not hesitate to contact me as my nan passed away with all the facts in her head.

          Erica Ormeno    Corpus Christi Texas, U.S.A

My great grandfather James Lally was a fireman on the Empress, even though his name was spelt as Yally on a memorial napkin!  He was only 30 and had been married 7 years.   My "Nin" thought for years he would turn up after possibly being injured and losing his memory.  Very sad.

Reply from SeaView:   Hello Jim.  I've looked up your great grandfather's name on the crew list of the final journey of the Empress.  It reads:
Name                  Position                     Remarks
LALLY, J.          Fireman                       Lost
Unfortunately according to the CPR listing your great grandfather was never found.   CPR would list the names LOST if the body was never recovered or unidentifiable.   Thanks for sending your remarks about your long lost relative.     Dan

        Robert Volpato     niagara falls ont canada
Way to kool,heard rumors that a ww2 german sub sunk&located in the st lawerence,,,,any of this true????????????? tanx

Reply from Todd Ziegler (Canadian U-Boat Expert):  There have been rumours of a U-Boat sinking just west of Tignish on the North Cape of PEI, although I tend to believe these are only rumours from investigations. There certainly were U-Boats operating in the Gulf, with several ships sunk by them in the vicinity of the Empress, including the corvette Charlottetown. I have heard nothing of any new discoveries. I can suggest as a source of information or ?U-Boats against Canada? and ?Tin Pots and Pirate Ships? by Michael L. Hadley for hardcover. Now there is a WWI German U-Boat in northern Lake Michigan but that?s been known for a while.

A u-boat captured after the war and commissioned as HMCS U-190 was sunk in 1947 off of Nova Scotia by the Haida and some other ships as gunnery practice. It's a bit of a stretch to say it's in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, but if it's painted red and yellow that's likely the one.

        H. Douglas    Saskatoon SK
I am trying to track down some info for our family tree. My mother-in-law came to Canada on the Empress of Ireland from Ireland. It must have        been close to one of the last trips as she was born in 1908 and said she was about 5 years old. Her name was Gertrude McGowan. Where can I        check the passenger lists? Thanks.

Reply from SeaView:  To find out more information about other voyages of the Empress of Ireland previous to the sinking you could try contacting the CPR archivist Ms. Judith Nefsky @ (514) 395-7951 in Montreal.

        oyu      yo@caramailcom        Ontario

        xxx   xxx  xxx   xxx
ur website is awesome

        Manoncho Garcia    cancoon mexico

            Terry Prior         Liverpool england
Found website while searching for infomation on crew list.  My grandfather was a stoker, john summers.  Any infrmation on crew list greatfully recieved excellent thanks

Reply from SeaView:  Found your grandfather's name on the crew's list Terry.  It reads:
       Name                  Position                     Remarks
SUMMERS, J.          Greaser                         Lost
Hope this helps your research.      Dan Lindsay

            David Shaw   Freeserve    England

Hi I found your site most fasinating particularyly since I have recently learned that my Great Uncle could have been a member of the crew of the Empress his name being William THOMAS He would have been aged 29 at time of the accident His wife was Victoria Eunice THOMAS (nee Hodds) Is it possible you could check this for me or indicate where I can see a full crew list of those lost Thanks in anticipation David Shaw

Reply from SeaView:   I see a listing in the crew list for the final journey of the Empress with the name:
      Name                     Position                     Remarks
THOMAS, W.        Asst. Steward                   Lost

While I was filming the Empress I went into the Steward's Quarters area. It was there that my lights died and left me in the dark. I became lost for about 7 minutes. It was not a nice experience.         Hope this helps your investigations.    Dan Lindsay

Enjoyed the visit very much and will return for updates. I'm retired District Manager Marketing & Sales C P Rail, London Ont and have in my possesion a dinner plate retrieved from a friends' dive to The Empress in 1984. A real treasure
Calvin J. Timms
Burlington, On Can - Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 06:45:13 (PST)

Peter Daniel    Preston

Re Empress of Ireland.
We Are looking to find details of Mr H Brooks of Bolton, Believed to have been on the Empress.
Any Help Please to

REPLY FROM SEAVIEW: On the passengers list I see a Mr. F.P. Brooks in Second Class that was from Toronto, rescued and returned to Toronto. Could this be the person you are looking for? There are other Brooks in Third Class: Mrs. Frank Brooks (Toronto), Miss Dolly Brooks (Toronto), and Harry Brooks (Vancouver going to LiverPool, lost, body identified).

ANGELA SLATER   http://empress%20of%20ireland/ANGELA ( ELLA) SLATER.    LIVERPOOL ENGLAND.


REPLY FROM SEAVIEW: There is a mass grave monument right at Rimouski, Quebec that probably has your Grandfather?s name on it. It is just down the road from the Point-au-Pere Lighthouse and Visitors Center.

There is a shot of it in our video we have produced on the Empress of Ireland. The video portrays the history of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland with solid facts. Dan

angela slater      http://empress%20of%20ireland/mailto:ANGELA%20SLATER%20@LIVJM.AC.UKLIVERPOOL ENGLAND


Harvey Rookus       Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Very Interesting!!

S.Burton    Dorset England

I have been looking for an Edie Griffiths. I was told that she might be connected To the Empress of Ireland in someway. Would she have been on the ship when it sank. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you.

Reply from SeaView:     The last name of Griffiths does not show up on the passenger or crew list of the final journey of the Empress of Ireland.  Sorry.

Cindi Botbyl    Niagara Falls, ON CANADA



Reply from SeaView:  Thanks for your comment (inquiry) Cindi.  Comments and inquiries of a diving nature are most welcome.  Because the web site has be devoted quite a bit to the Empress, it has attracted the lost loved ones questions (which is quite all right).  But SeaView Imaging is an underwater video production company dealing with a variety of underwater/diving related topics.  I can enquire for you about who is arranging dive charters to the Empress these days.  It's been quite a few years since I was there last and since then the government has made it an historic site, and things have changed.  One company I know of that does trips there is Mad Dog Expeditions.   is the url for this.  I will get back to later with a cheaper way.    Dan Lindsay

I have been looking for an Edie Griffiths. I was told that she might be connected To the Empress of Ireland in someway. Would she have been on the ship when it sank. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you.
S.Burton      Dorset England - Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 06:45:52 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:     The last name of Griffiths does not show up on the passenger or crew list of the final journey of the Empress of Ireland.  Sorry.

Hi! I just stumble onto your sight! It's great! Do you cover all ships (vessels etc?) I am searching on behalf of a friend (we both working on our family trees) and she is trying to find information on the following: John RYAN (was her great granfather) was amerchant seaman (born 1882 from Liverpool England). He ddied on board the British ship called CLIFTONHALL on its way from Liverpool to Quebec Canada. Apparently, fell down one of the ports on board and broke his neck) When the ship docked at Quebec, he was buried. She cannot find any record of this (and actual cause of death) or where in Quebec he was buried. Sometimes John Ryan was known to say he came from Dublin, for some strange reason! A death certificate or place of burial cannot be found. The date of death/burial is: 14/15 march 1923. Very much appreciate any help you can give on this matter.
With thanks in advance. You may email me direct. thanks again, Dorothy E. Morris, Whitby On.Can.
Dorothy E. Morris   Whitby , Ont. Canada - Friday, November 02, 2001 at 12:15:44 (PDT)

I'm a little shakey on my history, but I believe the Empress of Ireland was involved in another accident a few years before her meeting with the Storstad.  My great?-grandfather, surname Braine, was part of the crew and was listed as a fatality in a NY Times article. His home was listed as London, England.  He is buried in Canada.
Leslie Ellis        Hatboro, PA USA - Wednesday, September 19, 2001 at 19:58:07 (PDT)
Reply from SeaView:   The only other collision I know of was when the Empress of Ireland hit what might have been an abandoned derelict vessel that caused some superficial damage with no injuries.  You may be thinking of her sister ship the Empress of Britain which was in a collision with a Norwegian collier the Helvetia.   The Helvetia sank from the collision.  This accident ironically happened in the St. Lawrence not far from where the Norwegian collier Storstad hit the Empress of Ireland and sank her.  This happened two years before the Empress of Ireland sank so perhaps this is the incident in which your great grandfather perished.

Good Day To All;
I must convey my deepest admiration and humble appreciation for you having made such a splendid site in dedication to this terrible event. These disasters have always captured our emotions and shall always hold us in awe. They teach us that mere size of a vessel does not assure infallibility. Thank you for allowing my thoughts.

H.L. Kimberlée Anne-Marie Elisabeth Karolein Baroness/Baronin von Preußen-Fackenthal-aus-Frohnleiten         Geneva-Genève, N/A Switzerland and the USA - Wednesday, August 29, 2001 at 11:49:17 (PDT)

I saw this on the Discovery Channel some time age and was extremely shocked that this was definitely a "forgotten" tragedy in the analog of Irish history. I am a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians here in Hamilton, New Jersey and would like to know if I could possibly obtain a full-length picture (copy of course) of the Empress to hang in our Club. I would like to formally present it with a copy (if possible) of the actual newspaper article broadcasting the sinking in 1914 to the Division members. I definitely think her sister ship, the Titanic, overshadowed this catastrophy, but I would like to bring this tragedy to the knowledge of our members and their children and remind them not to forget this sad moment in Irish history. You have my e-mail; cost is not a consideration, of which I would pay gladly for these items to preserve part of my Irish history. Who knows - - I may have had ancestors on that ship, since my mother's side of the family comes from Canada. Hope that your organization will keep the memory of this beautiful ship alive for years to come.
Melissa L. McFadden         Hamilton Square, NJ USA - Monday, August 20, 2001 at 07:51:47 (PDT)

Previously you kindly checked the passenger list of the Empress of Ireland on her last voyage for my great aunt's name but I believe I gave you the wrong surname. I think her married name was Elsie South. I would be pleased if you could check again. Thank you for your help and a fascinating web site.
Lesley Jones
        Lesley Jones         Kidwelly, Wales - Friday, August 03, 2001 at 06:15:15 (PDT)
Reply from SeaView:   Sorry Lesley, I could not find any South's on the passenger list of the finally voyage of the Empress of Ireland.

dearly love the page, have been interested in the Empress of Ireland ever since i was a kid and staying with my great grandmother at a boarding house in Dartmouth in 1975. One of the borders was a survivor of it.
tony ciccariello          jackson, nj usa - Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 20:04:27 (PDT)

Finally found something on the Empress of Ireland. I wish I would have been more interested in this when my dad was alive. He and his brother came over alone in 1912 His name was Bertram LaBram and his brother's name was James O'Leary. Landed in Nova Scotia from England. They had a mean step-mother so Uncle Jimmy gave his last name as O'Leary. Dad was 11 years old at the time and Jimmy about 3 years younger. For all I know they might have hid in the Life-boats. I know they didn't have any money. Sure wish I had more information on this.

Mary LaBram McNeely          Okemos, Mi. USA - Monday, July 30, 2001 at 09:46:40 (PDT)

I viewed this Guest Book first out of interest about The Empress of Ireland. My mother (Olga (Mills) Larke gave me the Forgotten Empress by David Zeni as it was out of publication when I was searching for it in the States. My Grandmother, Grace (Larmond) Mills (husband George) arrived in Canada on it's last crossing. She traveled to meet her husband in Saskatchewan and they lived in Struan, Saskatchewan until her late 70's and she moved to British Columbia and died a few weeks before her 100th birthday. I cannot believe this excellent site exists and cannot wait to pass the word along to the rest of my family in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. I shall visit this site often! Thanks!

Carol Londres      Plano, TX USA - Friday, July 13, 2001 at 23:19:06 (PDT)

I think this is a great site, but could you possibly give me information on the Hanigan family? I know that little Grace lived, but could you give me information on what happened to her parents? Also, could you give me information on all the children who were on the Empress of Ireland? All you got to do is give me a list of their names, tell me if the lived or died, and if any of their bodies were recovered. Please do this ASAP, for this is a great site and i really need information on the unfortunate children of the Empress of Ireland. Thank you!

Philip - Friday, July 13, 2001 at 18:54:54 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:            I see the Hannagans on the passenger list reading as:
Second Class
Name                             Ticket Purchase at                Remarks
HANNAGAN, Adjt. Ed           Toronto, Ont.                          Lost .............body identified
HANNAGAN, Mrs.                 Toronto, Ont.                          Lost
HANNAGAN, Miss Grace      Toronto, Ont.                         Rescued.......Returned to Toronto
I'm afraid I have no way of telling you the names of all the children on board at the time of the tragedy.  The listing I have does not go into any more detail than what I have given you above.  Sorry.

Interesting site - Thank you. Where can one find information on trips that the Empress took in 1904?   I believe a great aunt traveled on the Empress landing in Quebec sometime in 1904 and would like to confirm that informatioin if at all possible.    Any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Kurt Kremlick     Kalamazoo, MI, UUS - Friday, June 29, 2001 at 17:47:52 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:     To find out more information about other voyages of the Empress of Ireland previous to the sinking you could try contacting the CPR archivist Ms. Judith Nefsky @ (514) 395-7951 in Montreal.

I found your site interesting to view. Wish something was said regarding the large number of members of The Salvation Army that were lost on the Empress. The Salvation Army has an interesting display regarding the Sinking of the Empress of Ireland at their museum on Bayview Ave in Toronto.

E. Neil Evenden      Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 18:55:29 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:      Neil:   Yes I see that when I expand the web site with more information, I need to definitely include something about the Salvation Army loss.  Our video about the sinking mentions the Salvation Army though.

Dear Dan:     It wasn't until today that I knew that the unfortunate demise of the Empress of Ireland took more lives than the Titanic. I only found this out, because I am researching "the family tree" and was talking via land lines, to my 81 year old uncle in Ontario..and he mentioned it, in passing, that that was the same ship, that my grandfather (John Philip Lempriere) was put on, to deliver him safely, upon the shores of france,in WW1. My Uncle said that my grandfather was devestated by the news that "his" ship had been Canadian waters, without the aid of the enemy! I don,t know what to call it, except friendly fire,..without weapons! In researching as much as I have been able to, your site, is, hands down, the most accurate, and the most truthful, for all of the information that is available.

Dale Lempriere/Metcalfe       Bonnyville, AB Canada - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 19:28:40 (PDT)

My husband's father and his parents and brothers were to go back to Ireland on the Empress of Ireland on that last voyage , but were sent off the ship because my husband's Uncle Paul got the whooping cough. I sent this story to David Zeni a few years ago.    I was wondering if there are passenger lists for the Empress to Canada on previous voyages. This same family, Edward Duffy, Hester Duffy, with children Paul, James, William, Thomas came to Canada on The Empress of Ireland in 1912, from Ireland.

N. Duffy - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 09:28:33 (PDT)

My grandfather lived at Port Rowan and remembers the night the "whiskey ship" ran aground or sank. It would be around 1922 or 1923. Do you have any information on this ship?

Tracy Dixon     Parkhill, Ont Canada - Sunday, May 06, 2001 at 16:26:23 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView (John Veber):   John Writes:
I have been researching the shipwrecks of Longpoint for many years and photographying them for almost as long. The City of Dresden was built in Walkerville, Ontario, in 1872. She was a wooden propeller steamer and had upper cabins for passengers. Rebuilt in 1886, she ran from Windsor to Leamington. By 1922, this little steamer was 50 years old very tired and unseaworthy. On November 17 1922, the City of Dresden was loaded at Belleville with $65,000 worth of whisky which consisted of Corby's Special Selected and Old Crow. The destination was listed as Mexico because of proibition. She ran into bad weather off Long Point L. Erie and anchored in Gavelley Bay untill the storm shifted from the North. Her anchor was weighed and the City of Dresden rounded the South side of the Point and sailed into history. The old hull could not take continuous pounding of the waves and took on water faster than the pumps could handle. Cases of Whisky were thrown overboard the length of Long Point to lighten the load. In 1976 a case of Wiskey was found in the sand. As she settled lower in the water her steam whisle was sounded continuously as a distress signal which could be heard in Port Rowen. This attracted all the towns folk who rushed to Long Point to see the wreck. The ship began to break up on a sand bar off shore so the lifeboats were launched. They both rolled and the Captain's son, Peregrime, was washd away in the surf and drown. As the ship broke up the Wiskey came ashore and the spectators recovered the cargo and hid it. Telephone lines were cut so it would take awhile for the law to get there. By the time they got there the booze was gone. I met a fellow years ago who was there and he showed me the exact spot were the City of Dresden meet it's end. The ship was never recovered and it's bottom is still probobly about 300 yards from shore. I flew over the area took photos of what could be a piece of the hull but that still has to be invsetigated. I can send you a photo of the ship if you would like. I am interested in your grandfather's story.

I´m painting Empress of Ireland, it´s wonderful. Disaster was horrible, but lucily my great-grandfather managed to get to America earlier. Ship was the same anyway...

Suvi Räisänen     Äänekoski Finland - Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 04:49:35 (PDT)

Michelle Campeau - Tuesday, March, 20, 2001 at 20:27:24 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:            I see your Grandmother's sister's name on the passenger list reading as:
Third Class
Name                             Ticket Purchase at                 Destination              Remarks
HARVEY, Miss                    Windsor, Ont.                     Liverpool, Eng.             Lost
It would be interesting to hear more about your relative lost on the Empress of Ireland.

We have come upon an old wicker trunk that has the name M. Diblen or Diblem on the name plate, along with the name Empress of Ireland, Sault Ste Marie. Could you give me any more information on this person or where I could find it?
Thanks for the help.

Phil Slagle      Itasca, Il USA - Tuesday, March, 20, 2001 at 10:36:37 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:            I don't see that name on the list of passenger and crew of the Empress of Ireland on the tragic journey.  Perhaps this trunk belonged to a crew member of the Empress sometime before the ship sank on May 29, 1914. 

I know now that my dad's Uncle Frederick Joseph Cresswell & wife Fanny lost their lives on the Empress. For years the family legend was they drown on the Titanic. Would like more info, where would they be buried..if they found the bodies?

Michael Cresswell England - Friday, March, 09, 2001 at 14:43:20 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:            I see your relatives on the passenger list reading as:
Third Class
Name                             Ticket Purchase at             Destination              Remarks
CRESWELL, Jos.                  Lethbridge, Alta.                 London                     Lost
CRESWELL, Fanny               Lethbridge, Alta.                 London                     Lost
I can only suggest checking with the mass grave a Point-au-Père, Quebec or the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Etobicoke.  If they were with the Salvation Army, they probably were buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  Since the listing says "Lost", their bodies were not likely found.

My family has a book "The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland" published in 1914 by Logan Marshall here in Canada. It contains pictures, interviews about the Empress and also a good deal of material about the Titanic: interviews with survivors as they landed in Halifax, etc. plus newsclippings from the period.
Some of my family contend that the book is worthless and should go in a yardsale though it is in very good condition. Does anybody know if it is worth anything? Thanks

Joanne Doucette Toronto, ON Canada - Wednesday, March, 07, 2001 at 09:32:05 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:       I understand that that book you have is worth between $30 to $60 CDN.  Better hold on to it.  I have a copy of that book myself.  Wouldn't let go of it.

I have been researching the Empress of Ireland and I have found it very interesting. However, I am curious to find out how it was built. Can anyone help?

Randi Redding Enid, ok 73701 - Tuesday, March, 06, 2001 at 08:10:25 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:       You could get a hold of Ian Kinder who has reproduced the Empress of Ireland blueprints.   His address is 301 Frances Ave., Unit 1405, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 3W6  Canada  (905) 662-1620.  You can also check out our web site about the Empress construction on page also sell a video that explains the building of the Empress of Ireland.   You can check that out on our web page .

I had a great aunt who drowned on the Empress of Ireland. Her name was Laura Ruud or Laura Bjerke. She had come from Norway to visit her relatives (including my mother, who was almost 2 years old then), in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Laura was on her way back to Norway at the time the ship went down. I would appreciate if you could find her name on the passenger list because our family is making a family tree and we aren't sure which name she used.

Karen Neale Thorold, ON Canada - Monday, March, 05, 2001 at 19:40:56 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:      Sorry Karen but I could not find Bjerke or Ruud or something even close on the list. 

My family lost our great-grandmother, Mrs. Peryer, on either the Empress or the Titanic. (no one seems to know for sure) She was traveling from England to visit my grandmother in Canada. Is there a complete ship's passenger somewhere, so that the mystery can be solved once and for all??? Cheers!!
S. Gilliam Benicia, US California - Wednesday, February 28, 2001 at 20:42:19 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:
  At first I thought I would not find the name on the passenger list since you said Mrs. Peryer was travelling England to Canada. The Empress sank going Canada to England. But I did find that name. It reads:
Third Class
Name                             Ticket Purchase at             Destination              Remarks
PERYER, Mrs. J.                London, Ont.                      London                     Lost
Could this be your great-grandmother?

Sharon:      Thank you so much for the info?I think that?s probably what I was looking for. Great grandma was on her way back to England after visiting my Grandmother. The family story goes that after my Great-Grandfather found out that his wife had lost her life, he tried to commit suicide by throwing himself under a Trolley/Buggy, but lived to see another day.   I would be interested in any other info regarding this subject..

I saw the documentary "Lost Liners" on PBS. I was familiar with all the tragedies except the "Empress of Ireland". Now I know. . .
Allen Snyder Oakland, MD USA - Tuesday, February 27, 2001 at 10:51:21 (PDT)

My mother?s uncle and aunt, Gabriel and Marion Marks, were passengers on her last voyage. Their bodies were returned  to Australia for burial.   At the time of his death Gabriel Jacob Marks was 43 years old and Marion Marks (nee Alexander) was 40. Gabriel?s Will described him as a "Merchant". He was a philanthropist and obviously well known and liked in Suva as there is a street in Suva, Fiji, named for him and a Rotund/bandstand/clocktower in the park in Suva erected in his honour. My mother was one of his 29 nephews and nieces, all of whom benefited from his will.

Judith WIMBORNE      Canberra,  Australia  -   Saturday, February 10, 2001

Reply from SeaView:     Yes.  We already have a web page dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. J. Gabriel at
Second Class
Name:                                             Ticket Purchased at:                Remarks:
MARKS, Mr. J. Gabriel (P.J.?)             Suva, Figi                                 Lost    Body Identified
Second Class
Name:                                             Ticket Purchased at:                Remarks:
MARKS, Mrs.                                      Suva, Figi                                 Lost    Body Identified

I believe that my great Aunt was drowned when the Empress of Ireland sank. Her name was Elsie Fron Nevil (not sure of the spelling) and she was in the Henry Irving acting company. She had three children , one of whom was Honour, and one was Cherry who died in childhood, I think. I'd like to hear from anyone, through this Guest Book who knows more or who is a relation. The story has been told to me by my mother, Renee Judd (nee Roberts). Her father, Frank Bentley Roberts, was Elsie's brother. from Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones   - Monday, February 26, 2001 at 08:26:08 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:       Sorry Lesley but I could not find that name on the passenger list of the Empress of Ireland on the journey on which it sank.

Learned of the Empress of Ireland while on vacation in Rimouski. We found the website very informative and liked the music.

Leslie & Joe Seaford, NY USA - Sunday, February 25, 2001 at 14:40:36 (PDT)

My grandfather William Horwood, a member of the Salvation Army band, was lost on the Empress of Ireland.

Don Horwood Cochrane, Alberta Canada - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 17:27:56 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:     Yes.  We already have a web page dedicated to Mr. William Horwood at
Second Class
Name:                                         Ticket Purchased at:                Remarks:
HORWOOD, Mr. William             Toronto, Ont.                                 Lost

i have found your web site most interesting. my g grandfather was on board the empress of ireland on this unfortunate voyage. he was on the crew employed as a fireman. i have discovered this whilst researching my family tree and was delighted to discover your informative page. his name was john ryan born in dublin - living in liverpool at the time. he survived this wreck and carried on in the merchant navy until his death in 1923 on board a ship called "cliftonhall" which so far i have not been able to find any info about.
if anyone happens to know anything about john or the "cliftonhall" i would be most pleased to hear from you.
many thanks once again for your excellent info.
carol sheldon    mailto:carol.sheldon3@btinternet.commanchester england - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 06:54:08 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:      Thanks Carol.  I see John Ryan's name of the crew list as a fireman that was saved.
Name                                    Position                      Remarks
RYAN, J.                                 Fireman                         Saved

My grandfather Pierre Viaud sailed to Canada on May 3, 1907 as a first class   passenger on the Empress of Ireland. He travelled from Vay, France to board the ship at Liverpool and land at Quebec City. His destination was his homestead at Loveland, Alberta. I have the letter that he wrote to his parents and sister while on board the ship. He mentions that the ship was going very fast as the wife of the President of the Company was on board. They saw icebergs  "as big as cathedrals" and had quite a stormy crossing with most of the passengers suffering from seasickness. Their route took them north of Ireland, south of  Newfoundland, south of Anticosti Island to Quebec City.  I enjoyed your website. Thanks for the information and photos.

Julie Viaud Johnston Calgary, AAB Canada - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 14:57:37 (PDT)

Excellent information on sinking of Empress of Ireland. Were there any passengers aboard from Nova Scotia?
Harry Chapman Dartmouth, N.S. Canada - Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at 10:35:44 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:  There was 1 in first class: Dr. M.A. Lindsay (Halifax), 1 in second class George Edwards (Halifax) and 2 in third class Miss M. Blackburn (Halifax) and Jules Bronchin (Springhill).

Great site, I did not have any relatives on the Empress, but I am interested in the history of the ship
I have read many accounts of the sinking, but still find it very sad that so many people lost their lives in
this very tragic event. I will return to this site, often!

Ron Johnston Liverpool England - Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 17:55:16 (PDT)

My Great grandfather came here on her May/3/1922 from Minn.    Great Page
Andrea Pirkel - Friday, December 22, 2000 at 16:41:37 (PDT)

Love the sea; Love your Web site. Love the music. Beautifully done... Respect, love and honour is felt here for those lost at sea; And for the vessels that languish there. I will add a link to your wonderful place on my Links Page.
Thank you so much for your labour of love.
Audrie Rogers      VA USA - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 00:38:22 (PDT)

Great website Dan, wish you had come out here for the Princess Kathleen expedition !
Woody   Brad Coram Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Tuesday, December 12, 2000 at 15:59:18 (PDT)

Reply from SeaView:     Hey Woody!!   How's the western world treating you?  Wish I could have made the trip.   I heard fantastic stories from those that did.

My great grandfather was on the Empress of Ireland when it went down. His name was Christopher Halliday. He came from Scotland.
Dianne (Halliday) Bayes     <>
Prince George, BC Canada - Friday, December 01, 2000 at 19:50:25 (PST)

Reply from SeaView:      I see your great grandfather's name on the Second Class passenger list.  It reads:
Second Class
                            Ticket Purchase at                         Remarks
HALLIDAY, Mr. C.                Pierson, Man.                                  Lost......body identified

this site was soooooooooo cool i really like all of the pic's well bye bye keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from lacey
lacey maceachern     <>
judique, n.s. canada - Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 14:35:20 (PST)

The story of the Empress facinates me. I am also a Titanic buff. I especially liked the music on the web site.
Dana Maney  - Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 11:36:40 (PST)

I liked your page on Empress of Ireland , My grandmothers Brother George Oswold Willis was on this ship. He worked as second saloon-smoke room steward
Arthur Moore  - Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 13:12:11 (PST)

Reply from SeaView:
      I see your great grandmother's brother's name on the Crew passenger list.  It reads:
Name                                    Position                      Remarks
WILLIS, G.                     Smokeroom Steward            Lost

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