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Name: Derek Grout
Date: 11/12/03                    Email Address: gurinskas@mondo.net
Message: A reply for JOHN WILLIAMS, who posted to this site on June 13.
Capt. Frank Carey was born in Dublin in 1849 and was the first master of the Empress of Ireland, which departed Liverpool on June 29, 1906 for her maiden voyage. He commanded the Empress for just four voyages. He had a long and distinguished maritime career and died near Liverpool on Dec. 30, 1933.
For more details on Capt. Carey and the maiden voyage, see my book "Empress of Ireland: The Story of an Edwardian Liner".
Any chance I could obtain a high-quality photo of the souvenir shillelagh presented to Frank Carey, and some details, maybe for the next printing of the book?

Name:   Alan G. Weller        Location:  Edmonton AB
Date:  Dec. 04/03                 Email Address:  agweller@hotmail.com
Message:  My Grandmother, May Florence (Williams) Weller, was registered to make that trip on the Empress of Ireland but the night before she was to start her trip from Calgary, Alberta, she had a dream. In the dream she saw the Empress sinking and foresaw the horrible tragedy that was about to be.

She was so convinced that the ship was going to sink she contacted the ship line and cancelled her booking that would have taken her back to England for a visit. If she had gone my father, a one year old, would have most likely gone with her.

The family story goes that she would have traveled with friends who she unsuccessfully tried to get to cancel their bookings . It is my understanding that they died in the disaster. I do not know their names and thus this part cannot be verified. Presumably they were from Calgary.

Although she lived for many more years dying in 1970 she never traveled by passenger liner again and in one case went to the extreme of sending a proxy to England to look after her interests.

  • Kate Parkinson
    12th December 2003
    Bristol., England.
    Many thanks for your in teresting and informative site. Thanks to you I have been able to trace my great granfather, Charles Parkinson who sailed as an assistant steward on the final voyage of the Empress. He was sailing from Liverpool, England, where my family originate, as a steward to scout out prospects for immigration to Canada, where his brother was already living. Unfortunetely he died four years after the collision as a result( as family legend has it) of injuries suffered during the crash. I believe that the captain of the ship attended his funeral. It has also meant a lot to my father and grandmother to trace this information. Unfortunetely my family has not had much luck with sailing as his father also died in the Mersey in Liverpool as a result of a boat accident and my great uncle drowned in WW2 when The Royal Oak was torpedoed in Scapa Flow in the Orkneys. thanks again Kate Parkinson
  • mark herziger
    dec. 24, 2003
    wisconsin/ costa rica
    the most beautiful ship of all times. what a tragedy.
  • Kyrila Scully
    January 3, 2004
    West Palm Beach, FL, USA
    I found your site through Google, and am impressed with the wealth of information available concerning the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. I am a writer of historical novels and my current novel is a children's book that will feature fictional characters on the ship as an impetus to the story's theme. I have been searching for this information for quite some time, but found most sites to be lacking what I needed. Thank you so much! By the way, if Derek Grout reads this, I would be most interested in obtaining your book. Kind Regards, Kyrila Scully www.titanicimpact.org
  • Adam Daly
    Jan. 8th, 2004
    Croydon Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    You have a great sight here on the Empress of Ireland. I was wondering if you are going to include, again the Empress of Ireland's Passenger and Crew List? This was very helpful in obtaining who survived and died in the disaster. Can you tell me how many bodies were recovered? How many were claimed? Do you have a complete body recovered list in number order? Thanks Adam

    Reply from Sea-View Diving:  Adam:  We will be posting the passenger list on this new web site soon.  According to the list produced by CPR there were 462 people saved and 1015 lost.  The rest of your questions are quite intensive!  When the list is posted, I will leave it to you to do the calculations.  Are you writing a book?

  • Mike Heflin
    Los Angeles, CA USA
    It's both a shame and a wonder that this horrible event is literally void of public consciousness in light of the stigma created by the sinking of the Titanic.
  • Peled
    Empress of Ireland My Grandfather Walter Erzinger survived (2nd class). He was born in Switzerland and emigratet to Canada several years bevor. In may 1914 he wanted to visit his verry ill brother in Switzerland. He survived, because he jumped into the water very soon after the crash and began to swim.
  • Mary McDermott
    15 January 2004
    Kildare, Ireland.
    I read with great interest the info on your site because my grandfather Martin Gill was a survivor of the Empress of Ireland disaster. I am wondering if any special commemoration is being planned for the 90th anniversary?

    Reply from Sea-View Diving:  Mary:  On May 29, 2004, the Musée de la mer of Rimouski is organizing a day of activities for descendants of the victims and passengers of the Empress of Ireland.  This meeting will take place as part of the 90th anniversary commemorative activities of this maritime tragedy, one of the worst after that of the Titanic. 
  • Walsh
    Jan 16th 2004
    My father has left me an oil painting of the Empress of Ireland in his will . The painting is about three feet long and three feet wide and has a gold frame. I always remembered this picture on the parlor wall in our home in Ireland. Due to our family name being Walsh I would like to know if there was a connection with the Walsh of CPR and if anybody knows who would have painted this picture Respectfully Submitted Dj Walsh Toronto
  • John de Jong
    The Netherlands
    At http://members.home.nl/jojodive you will find a lot of underwater pictures I shot in the Netherlands. Please leave your message in my guestlog.
  • Isabelle McClement
    January 29, 2004
    Priddis Alberta Canada
    My mother came to Canada from Sweden on the Empress of Ireland in 1910. She passed away in 1996 at the age of 90. Is there a web site for passenger lists anywhere for that year?
  • margaret Hope
    Jasper GA USA
    I just viewed a documentary on maritime disasters and must confess had never heard of the Empress of Ireland. Searching now for more info.
  • Marco Herman
    See my home page with foto's of holland please sign my Guestbook www.mherman.demon.nl
  • Irene Johnstone
    February 8, 2004
    Provost, Alberta Canada
    My grandparents Marcus August Sylvester Blomquist and Elisabet Katerina (Erikkson-Dotter) Blomquist and their two youngest sons - Olav Sigfrid Blomquist and Erik Walfred Blomquist perished that fateful night May 29th, 1914 when the liner The Empress of Ireland sank.
  • John Ross Bullock
    Runcorn,Cheshire, England
    My Great-Uncle, Thomas Ross, was lost in the Empress disaster. My mother always said that he was on his way back to England to try to persuade my Grandmother (his married sister) to return to the USA with my Grandfather and my mother (who was 8 at the time). Thomas's two brothers stayed in the USA and my son reconnected with that side of the family again in the 1980's when he was doing our family tree. The descendents still live in Michigan, near to Detroit.
  • Verniers Lieven
    february 15 2004
    A brother of my grandfather (together with his wife & six little children) drowned in the Empress of Ireland disaster. His name was Camille Verniers.
  • Julian Walter Taylor
    United Kingdom
    I was glad to find this site and discover that there is so much interest in the Empress. My grandfather was Walter Taylor, the carpenter's mate, and he died in the sinking. My wife, Wendy, and I intend to visit Rimouski in May for the 90th anniversary commemoration. We are busy making the necessary arrangements and have booked our flights and look forward to the event and meeting up with other interested parties. If you have any information you think we might find useful, we shall be pleased to hear from you. Julian and Wendy Taylor
  • Julie Yang
    Walnut Grove
    Hi, I really like all the pictures of the minerals. I will come by later! bye!
  • Mitch Johnson
    Superior Wisconsin USA
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the passengers aboard the Empress. I have a very strong desire to dive this wreck but need some time to prepare. Thank you for the history provided and the personal information about her passengers and crew.
  • Umit Sevik
    Izmir / TURKEY
    As a person it is really hard to accept that so many innocent died. As an engineer it is really hard to see a good lady under the sea covered with darkness. May their souls rest in peace.
  • anne auckland
    April 3,2004
    Toronto Canada
    My grandfather Oliver Mardall, with the Salvation Army, was lost on The Empress of Ireland
  • Kathy Mitchell
    My husband and I just viewed a documentary about the "Empress". We were spellbound...such a tragedy...so akin to the "Titannic". I believe that it's right to protect the "Empress" from further looting...to take anything is like grave robbing.
  • Brenda
    Chestnut Hil, Ma 02467 USA
    I believe a relative of mine went down with the Empress. Can you tell me if anyone by the name of TAPLIN was on the ship. Thank you.
  • Geoff Whitfield
    Liverpool United Kingdom
    Hello Brenda, Elizabeth Taplin was a victim of the disaster. She was born, Elizabeth Turner in Holywell, Northumberland, England around 1889, the daughter of Thomas and Isabella Turner. She had three brothers and two sisters. She married, in British Columbia, James Walter Taplin on 27th September 1913 and settled in Kamloops. She was returning to Northumberland to visit her family. Her body was recovered but I'm not yet sure where she was buried. hope this is of some help. Geoff
  • matthew mcdonald
    marlboro, mass USA
    I enjoyed looking through your site. I saw some of a recent TV show that sparked my intrest. I hope to see it in it's entirerty soon. Good luck keeping the recovered artifacts in Canada. It would be a great loss to your contries history to loose them again, this time forever.
  • Cindie Ortiz
    Sugarloaf, PA USA
    My husband recently caught a story on PBS about the Empress. We have never heard of the Empress before, it was always Titanic, Lusitania, etc. I'm just beginning my reading on the Empress. Thanks for supplying the info.
  • Mr.Jamie Homb
    Buffalo Grove, IL USA
    I just saw the History Channel "Deep Sea detectives" program about the Empress and the search to understand what happened. I was apalled that I had never heard of this tragedy before--I have been reading extensively about wrecks such as the Titanic, The Edmund Fitzgerald and the Regina and was surprised never to have heard of the Empress. I also agree that the artifacts should stay in Canada--in honor of those who perished, and this important dark moment in Canadian history.
  • Valentine Watson Rodger
    23rd April 2004
    London, Ontario, Canada
    One of the passengers lost in the wreck of the Empress of Ireland was my great-aunt, Miss Alma Fedora Maude Assafrey, my grand-mother's favorite sister.
  • chuck dybro
    new berlin wi usa
    interesting site
  • ted rosen
    May 5, 2004
    Rpchester, New York USA
    One question: Are there any living survivors of the Empress of Ireland sinking? And one observation: It's a wonder anyone survived at all.

    Reply from Sea-View Diving:  Ted:  No, there are no living survivors.  The last living survivor was Grace Martin.  She passed away in 1996 I believe it was.  I had the great opportunity to meet and have dinner with her one night.  She knows a good diving friend of mine Steve Brooks so we got together and met her at the old age home she was in and took her out to Swiss Chalet that night.  I am so glad I met her.  She had some great remembrances to tell.  She is quite thankful that divers are able to dive to wreck site and bring back artifacts from the wreckage that become a remembrance to everyone of this tragedy she told us.
  • Peter Capp
    Queensland, Australia
    Hi Really liked the site and enjoyed reading about the Empress although I could not access the links to the individual passengers notes. P.S. got here via Deep Blue Utila Site.
  • Connie Zuk Nisinger
    Godfrey, Illinois U.S.A.
    My grandfather, George Zuk, survived when the Empress of Ireland sank. His wife Maria and their two children, Wladisaw and Josefa, did not survive. George later met and married my grandmother and had three more children. They named my father Walter in memory of Wladisaw and his sister Josephine in memory of Josefa. I visited Rimouski last July and was fortunate enough to be able to go out over the site of the wreck and participate in a very moving remembrance ceremony. I recently attended the 90th anniversary events organized by the Musee de la mer in Rimouski. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and we didn't get to go out to the site where the ship lies, but I was thrilled to meet more descendants as well as authors, divers and others with an interest in the ship. I'm looking forward to meeting many more people with Empress connections at the next reunion--hopefully at the 95th anniversary in 2009!
  • Raymond Crawford
    Liverpool England
    Thank you for a very interesting and informative site. I am an amateur local historian. Whilst recording interesting gravestones in our local cemetery I came across three which commemorate victims of the "Empress of Ireland" disaster; Bertie Vivian aged 21 yrs, Ethel Davies aged 25 years and William Clare aged 25 years. Does anyone know anything of these people? were they passengers?
  • geoff whitfield
    Liverpool, England
    Raymond - Looks like we are neighbours! William Clare and Bertie Adams Vivian were both assistand stewards on the Empress. Ethel Steward Davies (nee Gough) was a second class passenger who had been living , with her husband William, at 53 Dingwall Avenue, Toronto. The couple had been married for three years. Upon discovering that Ethel was pregnant, the couple decided to return to their native Liverpool - William sending money which he had earned in Canada, home to his sister, in order that she might purchase a small shop for them to run. The couple reached the deck and crawled up the slope until washed off as the Empress rolled over. William managed to keep himself and Ethel afloat by holding onto some wreckage until they were pulled into a lifeboat. Ethel was one of those unfortunates who died shortly after rescue. You will find many headstone inscriptions, both to passengers and crew, in Liverpool cemeteries.
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  • Dan Arril
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    Hi Everyone, I will thrilled when I found this websight regarding the Empress of Ireland. My great grandfather and his son perished on this fateful night when the Empress of Ireland sunk. I never met either of them, but I would like to learn more about this trip they were taking. They were on their way to Sweden, after travelling across Canada from Thunder Bay, Ontario. His last name was Schmedburg ( I could be spelling it wrong) and I am no sure of his first name (possibly William). Can anyone tell me if there is a Web sight with the victims names anywhere for me to look at? I have seen reference to books where the victims and passengers are listed but not sure which books are better. Any information that could be passed on would be very much appreciated. Thank you for this wonderful web sight, preserving history is very important.
  • geoff whitfield
    Liverpool England
    Hi Dan, Your Great Great Grandfather was Rafael Smedberg, he was taking his 10 year old son, Charles, for a visit to family in either Sweden or Finland. Rafael's wife was called Anna, and his brother, Esa, had been killed in a cave in only weeks before they left on the Empress of Ireland. Geoff
  • Jo Watson
    Laurence Sydney Brodribb Irving, the actor, who went down on the Empress along with his wife, Mabel Hackney, was part of my Brodribb family, from Somerset, UK. I have always had an interest in the Irving connection to our Australian line (my ancestor, William Adams Brodribb, a lawyer, was transported to Australia for 7 years for 'administering an unlawful oath'.) I have just finished reading Dave Zeni's wonderful book, 'Forgotten Empress'. It also records the death of Charles Goldthorpe - 1st class passenger. Does anyone know anything about Charles? My maiden name was Goldthorpe. Very unusual in Australia. My family have been the only Goldthorpe family in the Melbourne telephone directory in the last 50 years My grandfather, Alfred Goldthorpe, moved to Australia from England about the time of the sinking of the Empress - i.e. 1913/14. Was Charles English/Candian? I would appreciate any information. Cheers Jo Watson Queensland Australia
  • sol campbell
    thanks i enjoyed reading your site
  • Terry White
    Very sad story, unbelievable. The video was excellent and really puts the tragedy into perspective.
  • stephanie davies
    south wales. uk
    hi i love the pic's of the titannic, its suprising looking down at the sea, its like another world down./
  • thomas thoren
    very interesting site, lots of information i did not know. feel free to visit our site to see more underwater photos.
  • ashley reimer
    Brandon Manitoba
    my Great Grandpa was on the ship of the Empreess of Ireland
  • ashley reimer
    Brandon Manitoba
    it's a sad story what happened but interesting history because my great great Grandpa was Christor Haliday and he died on the Empress of Ireland
  • laura
    sw  uk
    god bless ya very good web
  • terry reed
    crawley,.west sussex,. england
    good site very tragic disaster not very well known.
  • Brenda Reimer
    My great-grandfather Christopher Halliday was a third class passenger on the Empress of Ireland. Just wanted to correct some of the things that were mentioned in earlier e-mails. Christopher was not widowed before he boarded the Empress of Ireland. Secondly, he was alone on this last voyage with his family back at home.
  • Brenda Reimer
    In regards to my late great-grandfather Christopher Halliday, my mistake he was in second class.
  • diane benson
    Peterborough ontario canada
    Hi, Our Father, James Turnbull Cornthwaite was born on the Empress on it's voyage from Liverpool October 6, 1913. We thought he was named after the captain. Can you verify this. We remember our grandmother saying about eight babies were born during the voyage. Anyone else out there related to a ship born baby?
  • Empress Diver Dianne Strong
    Guam, USA
    I just read a newspaper story from Syracuse, NY, about Richard Tordoff, 40, great-great-grandson of Matthew Tales, who died on the Empress in the 3rd Class. Richard was planning to dive on the Empress on August 1-3, 2004. If he succeeded, he may be the first Empress descendant to dive on her. (I was the 2nd woman to dive her, '70-'72, along with the first woman, Ronni Gilligan. We are included as "Brave Pioneers" in Kevin McMurray's '04 book: DARK DESCENT-Diving and the Deadly Allure of the Empress of Ireland.
  • sharon piper
    essex uk
    My husbands Great grandmothers sister died on the Empress of Ireland. She was listed as Mrs George Prior but her name was mrs Edith Prior (formerly Auger). She was from England. We do not know if Edith and George had any children. Edith was 31 when she died. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information about George or Edith (i.e did he remarry) or anyone related to them, like grandchildren or greatchildren. Many thanks Sharon Piper
  • geoff whitfield
    Liverpool England
    Sharon, Edith Mary Auger was born in Colchester, Essex in 1881. When she was 19 years old, she married George William Prior in Hunslet, Yorkshire. The couple relocated to Winnipeg, where they lived at 872, Alverstone Street. George worked as a mechanic at a local garage. The couple had five children, who all, tragically, died in infancy. Edith was making the trip home to England to visit her parents.
  • Julie
    great sites, well done
  • Valerie Olney
    Carievale, Sask.
    My great-grandfather, Christopher Halliday died on the Empress of Ireland. There is a monument in his honor at the Winlaw Cemetery, south of Gainsborough, Sask. In an old family Bible there is a copy of the Coroner's Certificate. Your site is very informational.
  • Stephanie Johnson Strout
    My great-grandfather, James Johnson, was a survivor. He was a member of the Salvation Army Band that was aboard. I don't know much of his trip except that when re-routed he met my great-granmother on the Empress of Britain. A great love story. I know he was very saddened by the loss of friends, one of them being E.Evens. Does anyone know a little more about E. Evens?
  • Sophie
    I have a small silver hand mirror, given to me many years ago by a Miss Hanbury-Williams (who lived at 6 Lower Ward, Windsor Castle), which is enscribed with her initials and 'HMS Empress of Ireland 20 March 1907. Is it of any interest/value?
  • geoff whitfield
    Liverpool, England
    Ernest Evans was aged 30 in 1914. He was a bass player for the Salvation Army Band. Ernest lived in Toronto with his wife and daughter, who was only a few weeks old at the time of the sinking. He worked in Toronto for the property department of the Salvation Army. Following the collision, the family made it up on deck where they found Bert Greenaway, who gave Ernest his sweater to wrap the infant in. Ernest's wife was hysterical so he took charge of his daughter. They were joined by the Hanagan family (only young Grace Hanagan was to survive)and separated as the Empress rolled over. The Evans family entered the water and were never seen again.
  • Vicky Clarke
    Cochrane, Alberta
    This is a fascinating site to gain information on the Empress of Ireland. My Great-Grandfather, Mr. Christopher Halliday lost his life when the ship went down.
  • Sheelagh Lewis
    please do you have a list of passengers of the "Empress" returning to Lincolnshire England, or could you give me contacts for other people who like me, from lincolnshire have ancestors on that last journey, who drowned. Many thanks Sheelagh
  • Marie
    Marie@nicht-online.de    NL
    Really good work. Great sites.
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  • Julian and Wendy Taylor
    wendy.keeling@ntlworld.com   U.K.
    The current issue (October 2004) of Ships Monthly contains a brief reference to the 90th anniversary commemoration held at Rimouski in May. This was an excellent event, organised by the Musee de la mer, who must be congratulated on their planning of the day. Full accounts were submitted to a variety of publications, including 'The Salvationist' who one would have thought would have been interested, but only this short paragraph reached print. Sad to relate that interest on this side of the Atlantic has been limited. Perhaps better in 2014? Keep up the good work over there, and all power to Marion Kelch and the Save the Artifacts committee. Julian and Wendy Taylor
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  • Maya Vivian
    Wirral, England
    Bertie Adams Vivian was my ex husbands grandfather who went down with The Empress of Ireland. He never met his son also called Bertie Adams Vivian, born 15th May, 1914.
  • blancoto
    oh good site for us
  • Cathy Blackburn
    Kirkland Lake, Ontario
    I was indexing some Surrogate Court Records for the District of Temiskaming in Ontario and came across the name MATTI SIVILA of Cobalt, Ontario, who died aboard the Empress of Ireland in the Gulf of St.Lawrence. I became curious about him and was wondering if anyone out there knows anything more about him. How old was he? Was he married? Any relatives looking for him? I checked the two guest books and didn't see any queries about him. In 1914, Cobalt was a thriving mining town - was he a miner? Cathy
  • Maurice Dufour
    Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
    Je suis très intéressé à bien connaître ce chapitre de notre histoire régionale.
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  • tony williams
    hertfordshire, UK
    my great grandfather James Reid was a fireman on the Empress. Is there a monument of any kind in Liverpool to record the the local crew members who were lost?
  • Jennifer Harris
    Vancouver, Canada
    My mother just informed me that her father immigrated to Canada on the Empress of Ireland, sailing in 1909. I "googled" the name and found your site. How interesting and informative. Thank you.
  • geoff whitfield
    Liverpool England
    Tony There are no memorials to the Empress in Liverpool. Many of her crew are mentioned on individual headstones in local cemeteries, but nothing "official".
  • anthony williams
    Herts, UK
    Geoff, many thanks for your reply. Given the seafaring history of Liverpool and the number of other monuments in the city I am surprised. Were there many locals amongst the crew? Could you tell me at which dock on the Mersey the Empress berthed? The reason I ask that I will be in Liverpool with my family over the Xmas holiday and I would like to show my own sons where she used to come in. regards Tony
  • geoff
    liverpool england
    Tony I'm almost certain that she berthed at the Landing Stage itself. If you stand with the Liver Buildings to your left you will see a memorial with a synthetic gold flame coming from the top - this is the Engineer's Memorial, commonly known as the Titanic Memorial - the Empress would have berthed a couple of hundred yards to the right (just where the Dublin Ferry departure offices are today)The new hotel, directly in front of you (Crown Plazza - I think!) stands on the site of the old emigrant clearing centre, where third class passengers would have been inspected before boarding. Hope you enjoy your trip. Geoff
  • Julian Taylor
    Hertfordshire, England
    For Tony Williams. Hello, Tony. Nice to 'meet' a fellow Hertfordshire man with 'Empress'ancestry.My grandfather was Walter Taylor, Carpenters Mate, and he, too, came from Liverpool, as did most of the crew, and he died in the sinking. I don't know how much you know about the'Empress' but can recommend the books listed on this site, particularly that by Derek Grout. As you are visiting Liverpool shortly you may be able to find where your great grandfather lived. If you visit the National Archive at Kew they have all the crew lists from 'Empress' and these give home addresses. The staff there are very helpful. Sorry if you know this stuff already, don't mean to teach anyone how to suck eggs, but it gave me a great kick to see these records and could do the same for you if you've not already seen them. Tara, whack.
  • tony williams
    Herts, UK
    Julian (Herts), many thanks for the info. I have one book, "The Forgotten Empress". I am an exiled scouser who goes home when he can! I am ashamed to admit that although I was told the story of my great grandfather going down on the ship by my mother and her many sisters when I was a child, the real details were only a vague memory, and as time passes there seem to be many other things that are more important than looking back. It was only when my own son started a school project tracing family histories that I have been motivated by guilt to find out more details of my great grandfather and the tragic event that cost him his life at the age of 29. He left a wife and 4 children. regards Tony
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  • Barbara Harwood
    barbaraharwood@shaw.ca   Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    I am looking for the passenger list of the last voyage the Empress made from Liverpool to Montreal.My father and his parents were on board as was the grandfather of my stepson. Can anyone advise how to find such a list please?
  • James Cotterill
    jcotterill@blwholesale.com   Rochester, New York, USA
    Thank You. My Great Grandmother, Liza Oakley Cotterill was lost with the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. This has help to answer some questions.
  • Anna-Karin Schander
    a-kschander2@netatonce.net      Växjö/Småland/Sweden
    A very informative site about a tragedy that is a bit forgotten everyone knows about titanic a bit Fewer about Lusitania but few about empress of Ireland. i am very curious about if any swedes were passangers when it sank I read the passangers list and some names sounds swedish and some people have Gothenburg and Malmo (swedish towns) as their destination. is it possible to get to know more about them nationality is not listed in the passangerslist. I would also like to know how to buy the video about the ships sinking to a reasonable prize (with postage from Canada it seems to be very expensive)
  • James
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  • Ron Moss  
    My Grandmother arrived in Canada on te Empress of Ireland April 24, 1914.I only learned this last week but remembered reading about the tragic sinking and loss of life. I checked your site to be sure there was no error in my information. Thanks for a great site.
  • Adam Daly   Australia
    I was woundering if you have any information on Colonel and Mrs. Attwell? Example date of birth, date of marraiage and date of death. Thanking-you, Adam
  • geoff whitfield 
    Liverpool England
    George Stephen Atwell was born 18th October 1870 and died in 1960. both he and his wife Mary, nee Frink, survived the sinking. Sorry I can't be of more help. Geoff
  • Steve Waldenberg
    Leeds, England
    My maternal grandfather's brother Eli Evinson and his infant son perished in the tragedy. His wife survived and returned to England but the family lost race of her many years ago.
  • Ian Cash    USA
    I was wondering what happened to, Frederick E. Abbott after the disaster? When was he born and what year did die? I understand he was the last person to see, Laurence Irving and Mable Irving alive before he reached the Deck. Is this true? Thanking-you, Ian
  • Nicholas
    Atlanta - United States of America
    Interesting website you have
  • Suzi
    A friend of mine told me about this place. I love it. I will recommend you to all my friends. See you again next time I surf around,
  • Peter Kendall
    South Cave.East Yorkshire,England
    Very Good site, wish you all the best with your endevour's, our history is the most important thing we can everleave to our descendants. My wifes relatives Mr.& Mrs W.I. Naulls died on the on the Empress of Ireland, comming home to see their relatives in London, coincidendtaly the captains name was Kendall the same as mine? can you give me any more information on this captain i.e. where born,lived ,died, etc? I also was in the Merchant Navy and have been to Montreal on the M.V. Trewellard to load wheat, any help from anyone would be appreciated.
  • Rochelle
    st. catharines ontario canada
    I remember my mom "ellen" telling me the story of her grandparents James and Ellen Faulkner leaving London Ontario after visiting Fannie Webb their daughter but never making it back to England they found her grandma ellen but never did find her grandpa James Faulkner if I remember the story right their son was to accompany them back as well but decided to stay in London Ontario it was bittersweet to see their names on the list of the final journey somehow I feel if I need to talk to them I just pull up the list of names and they know that after all these years they are not forgotten and very much loved by our family.
  • Josephine M. Laxton    rlaxton@rogers.com   September 24, 2005    
    My great aunt Mary Elizabeth Elliott(Ginnie) drowned on the Empress of Ireland, she was supposed to return by an earlier Birth on another Ship, but missed her boat (so to speak)she was the daughter of Aikins Elliott and Ellen Elliott nee` Gascoyne, of Acklam near Malton, Yorkshire, England. (my great grandfather and grandmother). Her name is not listed as a passenger in the Book by David Zeni, 'Forgotten Empress'. Her obituary likely appeared in the Newspaper The Malton Messenger... I do not believe that great Aunt Jane ever married..are there any other records listing Passengers...regards, Josephine M. Laxton
    Reply from Sea-View Diving:   You can see a copy of the original passenger & crew list from CPR on our web site by going to:
    http://www.sea-viewdiving.com/shipwreck_info/empress_home/passengerindex.htm.     I've searched through it myself and I don't see Mary Elizabeth Elliott(Ginnie). Have a look for yourself.
  • Josephine M. Laxton    rlaxton@rogers.com   September 30, 2005 
    Hello Dan:  ,Jane Elizabeth Elliott found... Jane had married in 1907 to James Dunn in Malton. Dec Quarter... her name appears in the Passenger List for the Empress under the designation Mrs JENNIE DUNN... needless to say I am ecstatic that we have finally located her. I am thrilled to bits but only because she had been missing for so long. I intend to visit Quebec in the Spring next year and visit the Memorial for the Empress and Passengers. I would like to take a trip out to the site to pay my respects... sadly my 3Xs great grandfather on my mother's side also drowned and is buried in Quebec... That was in 1832. I found the burial record at St. Andrew's Church in Quebec City. He was travelling on family business from England with his wife and several children Only he drowned, or so the Coroner's Inquest ruled...I have found no more information than the burial and really do not expect to. Thanking everyone who has gone the distance for me to help me resolve my great Aunts drowning... Kindest regards, Josephine.p.s. I am sorry for the wrong posting I inadvertently put Mary instead of Jane on the initial posting...