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  SDM-4000 Digital Magnetometer
Robust, User Friendly and Economical

The SDM-4000 was specifically designed for anomaly detections and makes the perfect economical tool for locating ferrous metal objects, that lay on the bottom or are buried.  It is depth rated for 4000 ft. and can be used with cable lengths up to 4000 ft.  Using the forward motion of the boat, the depressor wing keeps the tow fish down.  This saves on the amount of cable necessary to reach depth.  The SDM-4000 magnetometer is specially designed for finding items having ferrous content.  Even old wooden shipwrecks can be detected from 200 feet away because of their steel pins and bolts.  This magnetometer is not built like other expensive models that have glass components that break easily.  The SDM-4000 is digital and is very robust, easy to use and economical.  It is ideal for shipwreck hunting.

Towfish Construction: Molded Polyethylene, acetyl,  and stainless steel
Ballast: Internal weights and depressor wing design
Balance: Adjustable by moving the tow yoke.

3 axis Digital magneto-resistive

Range: +/- 1 G
Sensitivity: better than 6.7nT
Towfish Depth: 1200 metre (4000 feet) Maximum
Power: 12 Volts DC at 500 mA
Communication: RS-485 serial interface
Software: Included for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000
Dimensions: 33 cm (13") long X 19 cm (7.5") W X 14 cm (5.5") H

INCLUDED: 7mm (.3") diameter x 45m (150ft).  This cable has a 450 kg (1000) lb breaking strength.
OPTIONAL: Longer lengths up to 1200 m (4000ft)

Weight: Towfish: 2.25 kg (5 lb.) 

Standard Cable: 6 kg/100m (4lb./100ft.)

Computer: Pentium 100MHz or better (not included)


60 m (200ft) tow cable RS-485 to USB converter
Tow Clamp PCMCIA to serial converter
GPS units Travel and storage Cases
RS-485 to RS-232 converter  

Accessories for the SDM-4000 Magnetometer:

Side Scan Sonar Tow Clamp Cable Towing Clamp

This simple but effective clamp provides a means to quickly adjust the cable tow length and then hold the cable securely.  The specially designed jaw holds the cable tight but is gentle to the jacket.  A must for any towing application.  Accepts cables up to 1/2 inch (12mm), larger models possible.

Shark Marine Layback and Offset Calculator

Layback and Offset Calculator

This inexpensive, easy to use software simplifies the calculation of target position.  This small always on top window allows you to calculate the exact geodetic location from side-scan and other surveys by simply entering in the boat position, heading, layback and offset.  Not only does it perform the calculations in a flash, it allows you to save your targets, with comments to a file importable by other software including GIS and navigation.  Anyone doing survey operations cannot afford to be without this inexpensive time saver.  


Connects easily to your NoteBooks USB port, the unit receives power through the USB connector, eliminating extra cables. 
12-parallel channel GPS Chipset with low power consumption signal processor. WAAS enabled.
Standard NMEA 0183 V 2.2 output protocol. Supplies GGA, GLL, VTG, RMC, GSA and GSV sentences. 
Works with any software supporting standard NMEA output. 


Low cost  -  Great performance

USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter

USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter

Many of the new laptops may not have standard RS-232 serial ports of may have only one port when you need two.  This adapter allows for a fast and inexpensive way to add additional


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